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The Complete Guide to Waze in the Philippines

Welcome, Pinoy Wazer! If you are reading this then you probably want to learn more about how to use Waze or edit the Waze map. This may be because you want to add a new road or have found a map issue and want to contribute to the Waze community. You have come to the right place! Read up on the global standards and guidelines referred to here as well as our own guide for editing the Philippine roads before attempting to edit the maps.

About Waze

Waze is a free navigation app for your GPS equipped smartphone. It has the following features:

  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions
  • Spoken street names (Text-to-Speech) [a]
  • Real time traffic reports
  • Real time Gas Prices [b]
  • Toll road avoidance [b]
  • Free regular updates to the map that you can help make are installed automatically
  • Search for destinations how you like: entire address at once, category, place name, landmark or use the addresses from your contacts
  • Integrated destination search: Google, Foursquare, Bing
  • Support for apps to insert destinations into Waze, such as Localscope
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Gaming elements for fun and integrated social networking

^a BETA: in selected countries
^b Toll Roads and Gas Prices dependent on user contribution

Read more about the amazing way Waze gets better when you just drive around with Waze turned on

Getting Started

If you have problems, try and find your own solution or ask the community for help:

If all else fails, you can email Waze with your problem

New to Editing? Start Here

(This section under construction for the PH. Links to other Local Pages for now)

Editing Guidelines for the Philippines

  • Editing resources Specific guidelines for editing in the Philippines, tailored to our roads and driving habits
  • Road Editing
  • Speedlimit Speed limits in accordance with REPUBLIC ACT No. 4136 Chapter IV Article 1 (Section 35) Restriction as to speed.

External Editing Resources for the Philippines

  • Waze Philippines Editor Mentoring Program - If you would like to learn more about editing, you can enter the editing mentoring program where a senior editor will guide you and help you learn how to edit properly.
  • Philippine Waze area-management request form - If you are confident enough with your editing skills and you have met the requirements listed here Philippines Area Managers, you can apply to be an Area Manager in the Philippines using this form. We will send you an email regarding the next steps. If we don't hear from you within a week from our email, we will assume that you are no longer pursuing your application.
  • Philippine Highways - Another list which contains Major Highways, Tollways and expressways, Manila Arterial Road System as well as notable provincial highways and bridges on Wikipedia.
  • Philippines TTS List - A complete list of supported TTS abbreviations and custom name pronunciations

Philippine Waze Community

The Philippine community of Waze editors is a close-knit group and are constantly in communication. All editors who wish to edit in the Philippines are required to join the community, whether on Facebook or on the forums. Those who refuse to join have no chance to become a trusted editor. The Facebook group is where all Waze users are welcome to share Waze- and traffic-related information. The primary means of communication of the Pinoy editors, however, is Telegram.