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Philippine Waze Champs and Experts

In every country, the community is Waze’s beating heart. It edits the map, helps with localization and provides Waze with important info and feedback. Each community is a little different, but there are common roles and rules that are relevant to everyone.

Champs are the community leaders
Champs are the most experienced users who also contribute to discussions on the forum or the community's Facebook page. This is not just about editing skills - it’s about actively participating in the community.

Global champ - Part of the world community leadership of Waze Local champ - Part of a specific country’s community leadership

Coordinators are users (usually Champs) who act as the community’s ambassadors to Waze. They have a direct communication channel to the company.

A Coordinator’s main responsibilities:
Participate in both the global and local Champs' groups, and be in direct contact with the relevant Waze community manager Advise about the urgency and the severity of any reported issue Be aware of the company news, product announcements, new versions etc. Take part in the setup of local and regional editors meetups

Experts are editors who've mastered a certain field - be it Routing, Android, iOS or localization Experts are the ‘top-authority’ for anything related to their expertise Experts will be part of the global experts group and will work closely with Waze and with community members

Waze will share with the group of experts all sorts of professional information, knowledge and future plans that are relevant for their area of expertise. Experts will be responsible to ‘carry & deliver’ the relevant information to the local community. Experts Will moderate relevant forums and will manage relevant Wiki pages

Country and Division Managers are Champs who take charge of the entire country or several states/counties in large countries, i.e. provinces/regions for the Philippines. They manage a region in all things relevant to the community

Division Managers are added according to the community’s judgement, usually in large countries, in which geographic limitations require another layer of community involvement.

Global Champ

  • kazmuth
  • SpeedDzel
  • Adabadada

Local Champs

  • zy_pher
  • Guardian4ngel
  • shogsbro
  • Baldugaras
  • Lu_Wei_Jie
  • rccoros
  • jojob333
  • Brezzypete

Wiki Masters

  • kazmuth
  • Adabadada

Localization Team

  • Adabadada (Language Coordinator)
  • kazmuth
  • MrsEarth18
  • SpeedDzel
  • rccoros
  • Lukring

Philippine Waze Area Manager

What is an Area Manager and what does it entail:

  • An Area Manager is a Waze community member (a user) who wishes to take an active and proactive role in maintaining specific areas of the Waze map. How deeply involved and how much time an Area Manager spends maintaining the Waze map varies greatly. Duties of an Area Manager include but are not necessarily limited to:
  1. Seek to continuously improve the maps for navigation, i.e. naming unnamed roads and setting turns properly
  2. Make changes to the map when road geometry needs to be changed, or when roads need to be added/removed from the map
  3. Edit road closures so that users are not routed through those areas.
  4. Respond to and act on Update Requests from Waze drivers.
  5. Maintain speed and red-light cameras, process reports of devices from Waze drivers.
  6. Process and resolve Map Errors or Problems in the Waze Map Editor.
  7. Act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice in the forums and whenever improper edits are spotted on the map
  8. By being an Area Manager, you agree to be reachable and available to respond to communication from your fellow Waze editors.

Being an Area Manager is not for your convenience so you can edit the map at a higher level but rather it entails the responsibilities listed above.

When you become inactive or unreachable for 90 days, your AM permissions and level will be revoked.

The following are the conditions or requirements for approval of AM applications:

  • Approval of at least current Area Managers, if possible the same AMs for the location applied, upon review of the map edits of the AM applicant.
  • Meets 'X' number of edits for area applied
    • City wide or permalink wide - 10k map edits
    • Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, & Metro Davao wide - 20k map edits
    • Province wide - 25k map edits
    • Region wide - 50k map edits
    • Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao Island Groups - 100k map edits
    • Countrywide - CM only or 250k edits
  • Must have at least 10 posts in Waze forum or FB group page (must be related to waze and have sense)
  • Must have resolved at least 100 update requests
  • Must have at least 2,500 existing kilometers
  • Must be an active member of the Philippine Waze forum and/or FB group page
  • Must attend at least waze meetup per year. Waze has a quarterly meetup. This can be waived if the applicant is not from Metro Manila
  • Must pass an online exam. (Currently under process)

List of Philippines Area Managers

You may send these wazers a message in the forums if you want to have an issue fixed in their respective areas.

Waze Username Area COMMENTS LEVEL
kazmuth Philippines Country Coordinator/Global Champ 6
SpeedDzel Philippines Country Coordinator/Global Champ 6
Baldugaras Philippines Local Champ 6
Lu_Wei_Jie Philippines Local Champ 5
zy_pher Philippines Local Champ 6
Adabadada Philippines Global Champ 6
shogsbro Northern Luzon/UAE Local Champ 5
Guardian4ngel Luzon/Singapore Local Champ/Country Manager for SG/Global Champ 6
rccoros NCR/Region IV-A, V Local Champ 4
deadlockprocess Philippines Area Manager 5
iceden Philippines Area Manager 4
Ungas Region IV-A, V Area Manager 4
Dekca Pampanga Area Manager 3
rock_stone Cebu Province Area Manager 3
Brezzypete Philippines Local Champ 5
XMapperMG Mindanao Area Manager 4
Lukring NCR/Region 4A Area Manager 4
Mondskiez Mindanao Area Manager 3
jojob333 NCR/Region 4A Local Champ 4
kabutengkamote Cavite/Qatar Area Manager 4
SuperBisdak Region 10 Area Manager 3

Note: Even though approved as an area manager, management for an assigned area will be lost after three months of inactivity or Waze editing.