Road names

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Exit ramps and entrance ramps (on-ramps)

Exit ramps and Entrance ramps are to be set as ramp road type. The name of the ramp should match the exit or entrance signage as closely as possible. If the Waze instructions and display are different from the sign on the exit, Wazers may be unsure about which exit to take. Include everything that is present on the last sign prior to the exit. Do not combine all possible pre-ramp signage into the single ramp segment name.

Exit ramps

  • If an exit is signed and numbered, start with the word "Exit", followed by the exit number, followed by a colon (":") and separate all elements (road names, numbers, control cities, etc.) after the colon with slashes (" / ").
    • Exit [number]: [element] / [element] / [element] (as needed)
    • e.g.,
      • Exit 8 : Al Khafji St / Katara
      • Exit 8 : Al Kharaitiyat / Al Ebb
  • If the Exit has an official number that is documented elsewhere, but this exit number does not appear on any signs, do not use it to name the exit ramp. Waze instructions should match the signs where possible to avoid confusion.
  • If an exit is signed and unnumbered, start with ">" and follow with all elements on the sign, separated with slashes ("/")
    • > [element] / [element] (as needed)
    • e.g., > Hamad Int'l Airport / Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor