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Map Editing Guide for the Qatar

This is a setup for the WME Wiki of Qatar.

Qatar is a small peninsula in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula which is bordered by Saudi Arabia on the south while the entire shoreline is surrounded by the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Currently, it consists of eight municipalities. Municipality of Doha which serves as the countries capital (with two city extension area the Wholesale Market and Industrial Area), on the south are the Municipality of Al Wakra and Municipality of Al Rayyan (portion of it is parallel next to Doha, in the middle is the Municipality of Umm Slal, while at the eastern portion is the Municipality of Al Daayen, while at the western portion is the Municipality of Al Sheehaniya and at the northern portion were the Municipality of Al Khor and Municipality of Al Shamal. (See Table for District, Zone, Municipality Guide List)

Qatar Municipalities;
  • Doha, الدوحة
  • Al Rayyan, الريان
  • Al Wakra, الوكرة
  • Al Sheehaniya, الشيحانية
  • Umm Slal, أم صلال
  • Al Daayen, الضعاين
  • Al Khor, الخور
  • Al Shamal, الشمال
City Naming;

Naming rules for city-field in Qatar When naming cities outside of Doha use: <English cityname><comma><space><Arabic cityname> Example: Umm Slal, أم صلال When naming cities inside of Doha use: <English District> Example: Mushaireb, Al Duhail, Al Waab

For Freeways and Ramps, check the No City checkbox.
For roads outside city boundaries, e.g. rural roads, also check the No City checkbox to prevent city smudging.

Places' address cannot use the 8 municipality names. It must be named after one of the district name

Road Naming;

When naming roads with official road numbers use: <Road number><space><dash><space><Road name>

For road names with less then 10 characters, you can write Street or Road behind it without abbreviations. For road names with more then 10 characters, you can write St or Rd behind it. Make sure NOT to add a dot (.) behind it, for optimal TTS pronounciation.

Road Network;

Here are the road network system:

Network Classification Speed Limits Construction Speed Remarks
Freeway Expressway 120 - 100 80/ 50 Expressway Authority
Major Highway Primary 100 - 80 80/ 50 -
Minor Highway Primary 80 - 60 50/ 30 Collector Road
Primary Street Secondary 80 - 50 30 Urban Zone
Street Tertiary 60 - 30 - Street
Ramp Tertiary 60 / 40 - Fwy+Hwy entry & exit
Parking Lot Tertiary 20 - 10 - -
Private Road Private - - As per actual