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Start: 18 February 2018 10:00 UTC End: 5 March 2018 22:00 UTC

A “MapRaid” is a time limited, joint effort of a community, to improve the condition of the map. Veteran editors mentor new editors, and together they bring the map in the area to perfection.

Open to all ranks.


  1. Create new roads where there is no basemap [Primary Goal]
  2. Fix basemap roads (including moving the roads to the correct places and ensuring connectivity) [Secondary Goal]
  3. Solve long distance routing issues
  4. Update pending “Places”

What is NOT a Goal for this MapRaid

Below is the list of tasks that should not be done during the MapRaid as these tasks are not the goals of the MapRaid:

  • You should not solve URs
  • You should not add new cities; in Russia, we have a special process of adding new cities through this form.
  • Do NOT add speed limits. Do not change speed limits. If you see conflicting speed limits between StreetView and WME, check with a local host or a group leader. The speed limit may have been added by someone who has seen the street more recently than the street view date.
  • DO NOT use the road type "Offroad / 4x4"
  • DO NOT use the unpaved checkbox even on unsurfaced roads.




  • We will use two methods to communicate:
    • Waze Global Discord Server. Editors are already added in groups in the Waze Global Server for even better communication
    • Waze's official but limited chat within WME - make sure you choose "Russia" in the chat window
  • Primary language is English. We have editors from 79 different countries. If you need translation, please ask for help.
  • Please set yourself visible in WME chat and turn on the Users layer

Raid Areas and Groups

GROUP Region WME layer Roads
1 Volgograd Script Sheet
2 Penza Script Sheet
3 Bashkiria Script Sheet
4 Kirov Script Sheet
5 Udmurtia Script Sheet
6 Orenburg Script Sheet
7 Samara Script Sheet
8 Saratov Script Sheet
9 Tatarstan Script Sheet
10 Ulyanovsk Script Sheet
11 Perm Script Sheet

Overlay Script of all regions put together

MapRaid Guidance

Before you edit


  • Use the settings tab (gear icon on the right).

Waze settings

  • Advanced Preferences: Check all boxes
  • Units: Metric
  • Environment: World
  • Language: Choose your language

Which settings should be used

Localization Rules

In Russia, we use the Сyrillic alphabet. While naming the roads and places you should use only Cyrillic, especially for Street names and Cities.

Warning: If you use latin symbols in street names and cities, you may be removed from this MapRaid!

Best practice to type Russian is to use On-Screen Keyboard. First, you need to install additional input language on your computer.

How to add an input language on your computer
Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 MacOS
Windows 10

After it, please click Start button, type osk and hit Enter. (Alternately, you can press Win+R and type osk)

On-Screen keyboard will appear. You can change input language by pressing left Alt+Shift or in Language bar in tray (which is preferred, due to On-Screen Keyboard glitches with correct displaying letters after change input language)

IMPORTANT: To make typing easy, you have to add Russian-Mnemonic keyboard layout, which aimed to make Latin and Cyrillic alphabets look and sound similar. For Windows 7 please use the LINK.

For Windows 10: Press Start, type "key", select Edit Language and Keyboard options, select Русский, then Options-Add a keyboard-Russian (Mnemonic) . You can remove Russian ЙЦУКЕН keyboard from layouts.

OSK mnemotic.png

Here you can find the manual how to use On-Screen keyboard on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Mac OS
  1. After you add an input language. Click the Input menu in the menu bar, then choose Show Keyboard Viewer. If the command isn’t shown, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard, click Keyboard, then select “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.”
  2. Click the Input menu in the menu bar, then choose "Russia."
  3. Click keys in the Keyboard Viewer, they are Cyrillic characters and can be used for names in WME.

Correcting base map

In many places, the base map needs to be corrected. Some segments were created long ago when satellite imagery was not as accurate as it is today. The geometry of the segments and verified turns are important factors for improving the map accuracy.

When correcting the base map, please use satellite images, GPS tracks, and Street View in WME.

Add missing roads

Please read the simple quick-start guide for guidance on adding new roads.

If you notice any roads on the satellite layer that have not been added to the WME map, please add them. Make sure the road is complete, drivable and is connected to the rest of the road network. Some clues you can use to confirm smaller roads are:

  • GPS layer showing Wazers are driving on the road.
  • Information from local drivers who have been there (this can be you if you have been there).
  • StreetView

Guidance on adding missing roads

  1. Should be marked as Streets unless a different road type is coordinated with your Group Leader
  2. Should not contain: Speed Limits and Unpaved Flags
    • If you see conflicting speed limits between StreetView and WME, check with a local host or a group leader. Otherwise do not edit Speed Limits at all.
  3. Should not contain Street name and City unless assigned by Group Leader. Please see the "Long distance routing" section for exceptions from this rule.
  4. If a street and a railroad cross at the same elevation, connect them with a junction node.
  • If you need to work with locked segments, you can use the form or use WME Requests script to request unlocks to your rank.

Long distance routing

Check the following guidelines about Long Distance Routing.

Here you can find the table of all long distance routes for this MapRaid.

  • Leave the existing names alone unless they do not currently exist.
  • Primary Name is typically “City-City” in Russian
  • Road Number, with Cyrillic characters, typically go to the alternate name.
  • Ask your Group Leader to add and verify the names

Please ask your Group Leader in your Discord group to name one of the segments for each row in the spreadsheet and decide the road type. Otherwise, use Street type and no name and write your username on the Editors column in the spreadsheet.

Warning: You should use only Cyrillic symbols to name the road. The best way is to copy and paste the road name from the segment assigned by Group Leader.


Creating places on the map is not a goal of the MapRaid but is a great contribution.

Place's name and address should be Cyrillic if only it doesn't use the Latin name. Address always remains Cyrillic. Consult with your Group Leader regarding any naming issues.

Update pending Places

You can proceed with places that are pending updates (enable the "Places" checkbox in Issues layer of WME).

  • Please wisely approve new photos of places. Check the place exterior with StreetView if possible.
  • New parking lots should only be area places.

Gas stations

  • Ensure that you have a proper road inside the gas station. (Type - Parking lot road, check directions and turns, enable u-turn at the exit points).
  • Draw a whole gas station area, not only the roof of its cash office or store.
  • DO NOT enter name / brand and address of gas station. Street view may not be up-to-date. Let local editors enter proper name later.

Parking lots

  • You can name the parking lot as P (a latin letter) or leave it unnamed.

Forests and rivers

Feel free to draw green and blue on the map.

  • DO NOT enter name and address of the forests, parks, etc.
  • You may name the river or leave it unnamed. Consult with your Group Leader about the proper name.
  • DO NOT add addresses

Adding cities and states

Cities and states in Russia may be edited or added only by Rank 5 or Rank 6 editors. If you think a city or a state needs to be added, consult your Group Leader in Discord. If you reach an agreement, then use the form or use special WME Requests script.

Please DO NOT add new cities and states without Group Leader approval.

Tools for this MapRaid

Editing Resources

Allowed sources:

NOT allowed sources:

  • External Sources such as Yandex or OpenStreet Map
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View within Google Maps
  • Street names which appear in WME street view images (these come from Google Maps, and are sometimes wrong)

Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this MapRaid. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!

Highly recommended scripts

These tools are all scripts that will help you make better use of the information available to you in WME. For this MapRaid, the following are highly recommended. You are responsible for learning what they do and using them appropriately.

WME Magic

  • A powerful script that will help you spot basemap problems more quickly. Ask group leaders for the best basemap settings.
    • Install for Chrome only (Requires Tampermonkey).

WME PL Cleaner

  • An extension that removes the layer settings and insert the "missing" / in URLs
    • Install for Chrome (Chrome Webstore)
    • Install for Firefox (direct download link)

WME Toolbox

  • Helps you spot 2-segment loops, segments with undefined direction, and "soft nodes" with unconfirmed turns, and has other tools available for higher-ranked editors.

WME Requests

  • Helps you to make requests for:
    • Unlocking segments to your rank/level
    • Work with segments and features locked for your level (change direction and turns, make connections and closures)
    • Adding new cities and states
  • Install for Chrome or Firefox
    • (Requires Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey for Firefox)

Junction Angle Info

  • An extension that shows junction's angles. Essential for knowing what the default Waze turn instructions will be.

Street View Availability

  • A script that shows where Street View imagery is available in WME segments and places.

Please remember that you are responsible for edits made through the use of scripts. Always understand what the script does before using it! There are a wiki page and a forum with more information.

Learning Materials