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<includeonly>|- align="center" {{AM/Badge|{{{badge1|}}}|color}}<!-- set color based on first badge --><!---->|| [[User:{{{1|UserName}}}|{{{1|UserName}}}]]<!-- build user page link with default
-->({{{2|}}})<!-- add rank
-->&nbsp;{{small|[{{PM|{{{1|UserName}}}|PM}}]}}<!-- build PM link with default
-->|| {{{3|}}} <!-- Area covered-->|| {{AM/Badge|{{{badge1|}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge2}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge3}}}}}<!-- display up to three badges
-->{{#if: {{{badge1|}}}|<br/>|}}<!-- insert a break if there was a badge; requires first badge always
-->{{{4|}}}<!-- display rest of comment text (if exists) below badge (if exists)
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