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-->}}}}<!-- close iferror and if
-->&nbsp;{{small|[{{PM|{{{1|UserName}}}|PM}}]}}<!-- build PM link with default
-->&nbsp;{{#switch: {{{2|}}}| 1 = [[File:Profile_L1.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]| 3 = [[File:Profile_L3.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]| 4 = [[File:Profile_L4.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]| 5 = [[File:Profile_L5.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]| 6 = [[File:Profile_L6.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]| [[File:Profile_L2.png|25px|link={{{1}}}]]}}<!-- add user profile link with image-->{{#if:{{{gho|}}}|<!-- If GHO name is given add a new line for avatar and name --><br>{{#if:{{{pic|}}}|<div style="float:left; margin-left: 1em;">[[{{{pic}}}|30px]]</div><!-- If a pic link is provided use that at 30px -->
|<div style="float:left; margin-left: 1em; width: 2em; height: 2em; border-radius: 20px; <!--
-->background: {{#switch:{{padleft:|1|{{{gho|John D}}}}}
|h|H|p|P|x|X|5 = #ad62a7
|#59a2be}};<!-- choose color based on first character --> color: white; zoom: 1"><!--
--><div style="padding: 0.3em 0.7em; ">{{padleft:|1|{{{gho|John D}}}}}</div></div><!-- end if pic -->}}<!-- If no pic, generate color tile with initial --><div style="float:left; padding: 0.3em; color: DimGray;">&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{gho|John D}}}</div><!-- end if gho -->}}<!-- add GHO avatar and name if supplied
-->|| {{{3|}}} <!-- Area covered
-->|| {{AM/Badge|{{{badge1|}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge2}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge3}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge4}}}}}{{AM/Badge|{{{badge5}}}}}<!-- display up to five badges