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==Other abbreviations==
''' ''Prefixes, directional abbreviations and other (non-suffix) abbreviations should not be used.'' '''
:*Prefix abbreviations include: Mount (Mt.), and Saint (St.).
::Although they are common, can cause issues as variation exists between naming, usage, and prefix standards (I.e. What words to, and how to, abbreviate).
::Therefore a lake named "Lake Clair" would not be abbreviated, while if its document name was "Clair Lake" it would be.
:*Directional abbreviations include: East (E), South West (SW), Central (CN), Upper (UP), and Lower (LR).
::In addition to not being abbreviated, directions should only be included when they are a part of the documented name, and not a suffix or prefix added at a later stage to describe location.
:*Other abbreviations include: Island (Is.), Quay (Qy), Reserve (Res) and Tunnel (Tunl).
::These are acceptable to be used when they are a suffix, but not acceptable when they are place names. This includes that or localities and regions.
::Therefore "King-Tunnel Road" should have tunnel spelt in full, as it refers to a tunnel. While "Queen Tunnel-Road" could have tunnel abbreviated, as tunnel refers to the type of roadway.
::Likewise an Island named "Island Island" would be abbreviated to Island Is.
==Standard Suffix Abbreviations==
# Roads like "The Avenue", "The Green" etc should not normally be abbreviated.
# TTS = Text To Speech for supported countries.
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