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<div class==Other Abbreviations==''' ''Prefixes, directional abbreviations and other (non-suffix) abbreviations should not be used, except for state/ territory abbreviations & country abbreviations; under ISO 3166-1 alpha-3.'' ''' 1. Prefix abbreviations include: Mount (Mt.), and Saint (St.) Note: Mount (Mt.) is not the same as Mountain (Mtn.). :*Although they are common, can cause issues as variation and overlap exists between naming, usage, and prefix standards (I.e. What words to, and how to, abbreviate).:*Therefore a lake named "Lake Clair" would not be abbreviated, while if its documented name was "Clair Lake" it would be. 2. Directional abbreviations include: East (E), South West (SW), Central (CN), Upper (UP), and Lower (LR). :*In addition to not being abbreviated, directions should only be included when they are a part of the documented name, and not a suffix or prefix added at a later stage to describe location or orientation/ direction.  3. Other abbreviations include: Island (Is.), Quay (Qy), Reserve (Res) and Tunnel (Tunl). :*These are acceptable to be used when they are a suffix, but not acceptable when they are place names.:*Therefore "King-Tunnel Road" should have tunnel spelt in full, as it refers to a tunnel. While "Queen Tunnel-Road" could have tunnel abbreviated, as tunnel refers to the type of roadway, and is a part of the suffix.:*Likewise an Island named "Island Island" would be abbreviated to Island Is. 4. The exception to the above is abbreviations for states and or territories; and countries with their three character abbreviation. These contain correct punctuation. Other regions do not fall under this category.:*For example: California would be abbreviated to C.A. not CA and Victoria to VIC.:*Country abbreviations are done under "ISO 3166toclimit-{{{1 alpha-|{{{limit|3}}}}}}". Further information can be found on Wikipedia. ([>__TOC__</ISO_3166-1_alpha-3 ISO 3166:]):*Other regions include that of Suburbs, Districts, Localities, Shires and special purpose areas. (I.e. Indigenous, Military and Airport areas.) ==Standard Suffix Abbreviations== '''Notes:''' 1. Only abbreviate suffixes. :*"The Avenue", "The Green ", and etc. should not be abbreviated. :*"Circuit Avenue Road" would be abbreviated to Circuit Avenue Rd and not "Cct Ave Rd":*A road named "Service way" should not be abbreviated, while "Pipeline Service way" should be. 2. Suffix abbreviations do not contain any punctuation, such as "." (Full-stops) or "-" (Hyphens). 3. In the event that the original suffix is a plural (I.e contains a "s" at the end) and only its singular form is present as an abbreviation, simply add an "s" to the end of the abbreviation.  Legend: # TTS = Text To Speech for supported countries. div><noinclude>{| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:white; font-size:80%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Road Name '''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' Abbreviation '''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' TTS Compatibility '''|-| Alley|| Aly || Yes|-| Annex|| Anx|| Yes|-| Arcade|| Arc|| Yes|-| Avenue|| Ave|| Yes|-| Bayoo|| Byu|| Yes|-| Beach|| Bch|| Yes|-| Bend|| Bnd|| Yes|-| Bluff|| Blf|| Yes|-| Bottom|| Btm|| Yes|-| Boulevard|| Blvd|| Yes|-| Branch|| Br|| Yes|-| Bridge|| Brg|| Yes|-| Broadway|| Bdwy|| Untested|-| Brook|| Brk|| Yes|-| Brooks||Brks|| Yes|-| Burg||Bg|| Incompatible |-| Burgs||Bgs|| Untested|-| Bypass||Byp|| Yes|-| Camp||Cp|| Yes|-| Canyon||Cyn|| Yes|-| Cape||Cpe|| Untested|-| Causeway||Cswy|| Yes|-| Center||Ctr|| Yes|-| Centers||Ctrs|| Untested|-| Circle||Cir|| Yes|-| Circles||Cirs|| Untested|-| Cliff||Clf|| Untested|-| Cliffs||Clfs|| Untested|-| Close|| Cl|| Yes|-| Club||Clb|| Yes|-| Common||Cmn|| Untested|-| Corner||Cor|| Untested|-| Corners||Cors|| Untested|-| Course||Crse|| Yes|-| Court|| Ct|| Yes|-| Courts||Cts|| Untested|-| Cove||Cv|| Incompatible|-| Coves||Cvs|| Untested|-| Creek||Crk|| Untested|-| Crescent||Cres|| Yes|-| Crest||Crst|| Yes|-| Crossing||Xing|| Yes|-| Crossroad||Xrd|| Yes|-| Curve||Curv|| Yes|-| Dale||Dl|| Yes|-| Dam||Dam|| Yes|-| Divide||Dv|| Incompatible|-| Drive|| Dr|| Yes|-| Drives||Drs|| Untested|-| Estate||Est|| Untested|-| Estates||Ests|| Untested|-| Expressway||Expy|| Yes|-| Extension||Ext|| Yes|-| Extensions||Exts|| Untested|-| Fall||Fall|| Untested|-| Falls||Fls|| Yes|-| Ferry||Fry|| Untested|-| Field||Fld|| Untested|-| Fields||Flds|| Untested|-| Flat||Flt|| Yes|-| Flats||Flts|| Untested|-| Ford||Frd|| Untested|-| Fords||Frds|| Untested|-| Forest||Frst|| Untested|-| Forge||Frg|| Untested|-| Forges||Frgs|| Untested|-| Fork||Frk|| Untested|-| Forks||Frks|| Untested|-| Fort||Ft|| Yes|-| Freeway|| Fwy|| Yes|-| Garden|| Gdn|| Yes|-| Gardens|| Gdns|| Yes|-| Gateway||Gtwy|| Yes|-| Glen||Gln|| Yes|-| Glens||Glns|| Untested|-| Green||Grn|| Yes|-| Greens||Grns|| Untested|-| Grove|| Grv|| Yes|-| Groves||Grvs|| Untested|-| Harbor||Hbr|| Yes|-| Harbors||Hbrs|| Untested|-| Haven||Hvn|| Untested|-| Heights||Hts|| Yes|-| Highway|| Hwy|| Yes|-| Hill||Hl|| Yes|-| Hills||Hls|| Yes|-| Hollow||Holw|| Yes|-| Inlet||Inlt|| Yes|-| Island||Is|| Untested|-| Islands||Iss|| Untested|-| Isle||Il|| Yes|-| Junction||Jctn|| Yes|-| Junctions||Jctns|| Yes|-| Key||Key|| Yes|-| Keys||Keys|| Yes|-| Knoll||Knl|| Yes|-| Knolls||Knls|| Yes|-| Lake||Lk|| Untested|-| Lakes||Lks|| Untested|-| Land||Land|| Untested|-| Landing||Lndg|| Yes|-| Lane|| Ln|| Yes|-| Light||Lgt|| Yes|-| Lights||Lgts|| Yes|-| Loaf||Lf|| Yes|-| Lock||Lck|| Yes|-| Locks||Lcks|| Yes|-| Lodge||Ldg|| Yes|-| Loop||Loop|| Yes|-| Mall||Mall|| Yes|-| Manor||Mnr|| Yes|-| Manors||Mnrs|| Yes|-| Meadow||Mdw|| Yes|-| Meadows||Mdws|| Yes|-| Mews||Mews|| Yes|-| Mill||Ml|| Untested|-| Mills||Mls|| Untested|-| Mission||Msn|| Yes|-| Motorway||Mtwy|| Yes|-| Mount|| Mount|| Yes|-| Mountain||Mtn|| Yes|-| Mountains||Mtns|| Yes|-| Neck||Nck|| Yes|-| Orchard||Orch|| Yes|-| Oval||Oval|| Yes|-| Overpass||Opas|| Yes|-| Parade|| Pde|| Yes|-| Park|| Pk|| Yes|-| Parks||Pks|| Yes|-| Parkway||Pky|| Yes|-| Parkways||Pkys|| Yes|-| Pass||Pass|| Yes|-| Passage||Psge|| Yes|-| Path||Path|| Yes|-| Pike||Pke|| Yes|-| Pine||Pne|| Yes|-| Pines||Pnes|| Yes|-| Place|| Pl|| Yes|-| Plain||Pln|| Untested|-| Plains||Plns|| Yes|-| Plaza||Plz|| Yes|-| Point||Pt|| Untested|-| Points||Pts|| Yes|-| Port||Prt|| Yes|-| Ports||Prts|| Yes|-| Prairie||Prr|| Yes|-| Radial||Radl|| Yes|-| Ramp||Ramp|| Yes|-| Ranch||Rnch|| Yes|-| Rapid||Rpd|| Incompatible|-| Rapids||Rpds|| Yes|-| Rest||Rst|| Untested|-| Ridge||Rdge|| Yes|-| Ridges||Rdgs|| Untested|-| Rise||Rise|| Untested|-| River||Riv|| Yes|-| Road|| Rd|| Yes|-| Roads||Rds|| Untested|-| Route||Rte|| Yes|-| Row||Row|| Yes|-| Rue||Rue|| Yes|-| Run||Run|| Yes|-| Shoal||Shl|| Yes|-| Shoals||Shls|| Yes|-| Shore||Shr|| Yes|-| Shores||Shrs|| Yes|-| Skyway||Skwy|| Yes|-| Spring||Spg|| Yes|-| Springs||Spgs|| Yes|-| Spur||Spur|| Untested|-| Square|| Sq|| Yes|-| Squares||Sqs|| Yes|-| Station||Sta|| Yes|-| Stream||Strm|| Yes|-| Street|| St|| Yes|-| Streets||Sts|| Yes|-| Summit||Smt|| Yes|-| Terrace|| Ter|| Yes|-| Throughwawy||Thwy|| Yes|-| Trace||Trce|| Yes|-| Track||Trak|| Yes|-| Trafficway||Trfy|| Yes|-| Trail||Trl|| Yes|-| Tunnel||Tunl|| Yes|-| Turnpike||Tpk|| Yes|-| Underpass||Upas|| Yes|-| Union||Un|| Untested|-| Unions||Uns|| Yes|-| Valley||Vly|| Yes|-| Valleys||Vlys|| Yes|-| Viaduct||Vdct|| Yes|-| View||Vw|| Yes|-| Views||Vws|| Yes|-| Village||Vlg|| Yes|-| Villages||Vlgs|| Yes|-| Ville||Vl|| Untested|-| Vista||Vis|| Yes|-| Walk||Walk|| Yes|-| Wall||Wall|| Yes|-| Waters||Wtr|| Untested|-| Way||Way|| Yes|-| Ways||Ways|| Yes|-| Well||Wl|| Yes|-| Wells||Wls|| Yes|{documentation}==Further Reading===== Forums ===Please refer to the following Waze forum for a "Work in progress" list of abbreviations that are being tested, currently available, and proposed:</viewtopic.php?f=10&t=15178 === Glossary ===Refer to the [[Glossary]] page for definitions of many terms used in Waze.noinclude>