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*become a Waze map editor yourself, time permitting
*have fun finding the roads, taking pictures, and helping fellow drivers
===Uploading to Google Plus===
You can create a free google+ account to upload pictures. Once you've done that, here is how to share an album:
*from the home page, select Photos
*drag the pictures into the box
*after they upload, give the album a meaningful name (under Add to album), then click Add
*on sharing screen, add Public and click Share
To get the share link:
*from the home screen only, click on the upper left pulldown and select Photos
*make sure the album (not the pictures) of interest is in focus
*click the upper right pulldown (to the right of the word Share) and pick Sharing options
*click on Share via Link
*click on the link and hit Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard (then click Cancel)
You can now paste the screen into the Waze form/screen.
===Unsolicited Contributions===
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