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A new program is being tested that links volunteer pilots with Waze volunteer map editors.  The pilots submit aerial photographs of new and changing roads so that Waze users can have the most accurate and up-to-date navigation available.
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==Information for Requesters==
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In addition to the [[Munching#Munching|Munching]] system for confirming new roads and GPS points in the [[Waze_Map_Editor|Waze Map Editor]], map editors can request aerial photographs of places that are confusing or represent changes since the last satellite images were taken.  By having a recent photograph, map editors can ensure the road topology is correct, account for on/off ramps, etc.
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Look at the example pictures (BELOW).  You can expect aerial photographs to confirm
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new roads and intersections, see ramps, see direction markings on the roads.  You will
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not be able to see things like road signs.
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===Format for Requests===
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During the trial phase of Aerial Photograph Requests, map editors should submit requests to the Waze Forum (HERE-TBD).  The format of a request should include in the subject line A)geographic part of a state and B) nearest major city (avoid township names).  Example: "Central PA, Harrisburg area"
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The content of the forum request should include:
* link to [[Waze_Map_Editor#Permalink|Permalink]] to the area of interest that has the roads of interest highlighted.
* a description of what the picture should convey
The description should highlight of the editor is needs a broad picture of an area, or focus on just one particular intersection.
==Information for Pilots==
Since Waze uses a "crowd sourced" map using content from volunteer editors, pilots can help the process by providing aerial photographs of new and changing roads.  When pilots are practicing and looking for a good excuse to go fly, snapping pictures along the route can help the volunteer editors and ultimately the driving community.
===Getting Started===
A list of participating pilot volunteers is (HERE at bottom of page).  Sign up or contact wazeflyer at gmail dott com for assistance.  Showing your availability will help Waze map editors know that there is a pilot in their area and encourage filing requests.  In addition browse the request area (HERE TBD) to see if any there are any requests in your area already.
*Create a Waze login (HERE) (so you can see the map)
*Create a Waze Forum login (HERE) (so you can interact with editors and pilots)
===General Guidelines===
Guidelines for participating:
*Be current! (physical, BFR)
*Be safe!
*#if possible have a copilot take the pictures (brief them on the location before beginning the flight)
*#clearing turns before circling an area
*#eyes watching for traffic!
*#watch airspeed while turning
*Fly in good wx (no point photographing a road through clouds!)
Pilots are strictly volunteering their time to support the map editors and fellow drivers.  There is no compensation availability from Waze for volunteers.
===Guidelines for taking pictures===
*use a good camera if you have access to one
*best is to photograph straight down from above (to reduce distortion in road lengths and angles)
*if possible and safe select a lower altitude (eg, 1000-2000 ft AGL)
*it may help to take multiple pictures of the area from different angles
File:Aerial1.jpg|Example picture
===Guidelines for submitting pictures===
*respond to the forum request first with an approximate time frame you expect to complete the "mission"
*after taking the photograph, upload the picture online (a free google account will allow this)
*respond to forum request with an online link to the photograph
==Available Pilots==
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! scope="col" width="100pt" bgcolor="#0080FF" | Username
! scope="col" width="200pt" bgcolor="#0080FF" | Flying Area
! scope="col" width="200pt" bgcolor="#0080FF" | Comments
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| [http://www.waze.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=16949243 Cpttim]
| SE and Central PA
For help adding your name to the pilot, send message to [http://www.waze.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=16949243 Cpttim].

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