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===Format for Requests===
During the trial phase of Aerial Photograph Requests, map editors should submit requests to the Waze Forum (HERE-TBD)[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LyN_vapJoR5J8x3lfb1lVN2koHjl7mSBUIzbqmTFiCw/viewform THIS FORM]. The format of a request should include in the subject line A)geographic part of a state and B) nearest major city (avoid Waze township names). Example: "Central PA, Harrisburg area"
The content of the forum request should include:
* link to [[Waze_Map_Editor#Permalink|Permalink]] to the area of interest that has the roads of interest highlighted.
* a description of what you're looking for in the picture
*#eyes watching for traffic!
*#watch airspeed while turning (perhaps flaps if slowing down)
*Double check [http://skyvector.com/ airspace requirements ] and TFRs. You can request time from ATC to do aerial photography over an area inside controlled airspace.
*Fly in good wx (no point photographing a road through clouds!)
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