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WME Place Harmonizer is a script originally written by Bmtg (PM)  Profile L2.png WMEPH helps with all aspects of editing places except update requests. The script team is administered by tonestertm (PM)  Profile L2.png, and the lead developers are Bmtg (PM)  Profile L2.png and MapOMatic (PM)  Profile L2.png.

The script validates, formats, and harmonizes the information for a selected place, using standardized information from Place Name Harmonization (PNH) Google sheets. Complete places are automatically locked to the appropriate level based on category and location of the place (state/region/country rules are applied). Banners above the place information sidebar provide feedback on what is missing or out of spec with the region's wiki guidance. Links to websites, search results, and PNH submission forms make working on places faster and easier. Hours can be added by pasting info from the place’s website or using shorthand entry. An optional yet highly useful highlighting feature shows places on the map needing work.

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