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by GertBroos (GertBroos PM)  link= GertBroos

WME Speedhelper

WME Speedhelper has made inputting speed data easy, with the use of handy speedsign images. You just need to select one or more segments and click the speed you want. If a segment isn't yet verified, don't worry, these checkboxes will be automatically checked.

Country missing?

If your country isn't supported yet, let me know by following the forum link at the bottom and let me know the following details:

  • Country name & Waze abbreviation
  • Requested speeds (please use a comma-seperated list)
  • Kmh or mph?
  • A link to the design of your country's speedsign. (only needed if it's not a red circle/white background/black text = default)


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