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Batman heading.jpeg
Mega MapRaid "Batman" Turkey
Start: November 20th (Monday) 10:00 UTC End: November 30rd (Thursday) 22:00 UTC

Goals In order of importance:

  1. Create new roads where there is no basemap [Primary Goal]
  2. Fix basemap roads (including moving the roads to the correct places and ensuring connectivity) [Secondary Goal]
  3. Update pending “Places”
  4. Solve User Reports and Map Problems


EdItor Rank Role
OrbitC (PM) 6 MapRaid Coordinator
mapdevil (PM) 4 Area manager
QaiSun (PM) 2 Area manager
WimVandierendonck (PM) 5 Area manager


We will use these two methods to communicate:

  • Waze's official but limited chat within WME
  • Primary communication language is English as we have editors from 43 different countries. Please ask for help if you need help with translation

Raid Areas

Batman zone.png

There are 4 groups. The participants are listed in the forum. Read more about Batman on the website of the municipality.

We kindly urge you to stay within the raid area of Batman. Use the overlay script to help you know where you are. Note that the overlay is not very detailed at the border, so it is not a source for city names in that area.

Zone 1 Zone 3
Zone 2 Zone 4

MapRaid Groups

Editor Rank Group
a2bpdq (PM) 2 2
AdamoSk (PM) 4 1
airchair (PM) 3 4
AlifAndi (PM) 2 3
angelozSpeedy (PM) 2 4
ArnoB01 (PM) 2 2
asph4lt (PM) 5 2
BB_beamerken (PM) 3 1
bk482 (PM) 5 3
BrunoCordeirodaRocha (PM) 3 2
burgher_2 (PM) 3 3
burrito_rescue (PM) 3 4
caltedde (PM) 6 1
Camilo-ro (PM) 3 1
Captnkeegs (PM) 4 2
ChristiaanPonsen (PM) 2 3
CiorbaDeBurta (PM) 3 2
ciprian-coman (PM) 4 3
Corentin-48 (PM) 4 4
corydon76 (PM) 1 4
cotero2002 (PM) 5 4
ct13 (PM) 6 2
Cuaim (PM) 3 3
dacianova (PM) 6 3
daveacincy (PM) 2 4
davidakachaos (PM) 3 4
davidec71 (PM) 2 1
Davio90 (PM) 4 1
dbcm (PM) 5 1
DCLemur (PM) 3 1
desoleh (PM) 5 2
Dino6451 (PM) 3 2
Durango48 (PM) 6 4
DVDOssa (PM) 3 3
Ellefolk (PM) 4 2
elpan_9 (PM) 3 4
EmilGz (PM) 3 1
fabnera (PM) 3 2
Fanioz (PM) 2 2
faromasa (PM) 4 3
FidelisWaruwu (PM) 1 1
francrubio (PM) 1 2
freesoft (PM) 3 3
gabrignacio (PM) 1 3
gabud001 (PM) 5 3
gaetanaga (PM) 5 4
GFM_Danny (PM) 6 1
ghost012 (PM) 5 1
GigaaG (PM) 3 4
Goegol (PM) 1 4
grzewal (PM) 3 1
Izba97 (PM) 3 2
jarkaz (PM) 5 2
JasonN899 (PM) 4 4
javiercr75 (PM) 5 3
JBLegarreta (PM) 4 1
JDeLosa (PM) 5 4
jdmara12 (PM) 3 3
Jkl5 (PM) 3 4
Joyriding (PM) 5 1
juliansean (PM) 4 2
k-truffle (PM) 1 1
Kartografer (PM) 4 3
KombiJavier263 (PM) 3 1
Kyhtak (PM) 3 2
laurenthembprd (PM) 4 4
leo-B4 (PM) 1 2
LI7HIUM (PM) 2 3
Lukasjansen (PM) 2 4
Machete808 (PM) 5 2
mapdevil (PM) 5 3
MardemNobre (PM) 3 3
martiensch (PM) 4 1
maxalaa (PM) 3 4
mciolfi (PM) 3 1
MrByte_OnThRoad (PM) 5 4
Mryay (PM) 2 1
mungod (PM) 3 2
mykoza (PM) 1 3
NalaKarokaro (PM) 5 1
Ninjassauro (PM) 3 3
Nirvuad (PM) 4 2
NJMedic2535 (PM) 4 3
NoahKarateKidlol (PM) 1 4
oakleyboy (PM) 5 2
Okrauss (PM) 5 3
orbitc (PM) 6 2
PatrickBLopes (PM) 5 4
Pedalsky (PM) 4 4
Petersilie1955 (PM) 4 1
Petkr4 (PM) 4 2
pferrariuy (PM) 6 3
Photo360 (PM) 4 3
pironic (PM) 3 4
pjjvstrien (PM) 2 2
Poncewattle (PM) 5 1
popel22 (PM) 6 4
qazxcvbnmm (PM) 4 4
R_J07 (PM) 4 1
rafacintron (PM) 4 2
RBRapha (PM) 3 1
rdnnk (PM) 5 2
Rickendude (PM) 6 1
Rising_Sun (PM) 4 3
rjvaneyk (PM) 3 2
rmcmanusjr (PM) 3 3
RobertMosesMeow8 (PM) 1 1
RodeNinja (PM) 3 2
RokketCD (PM) 3 4
scheibemx (PM) 4 4
SunnyTeater (PM) 3 1
TEmersonSierra (PM) 3 2
Tiidu (PM) 4 1
Timberhawk (PM) 5 3
tochi161 (PM) 3 3
Unholy (PM) 6 3
vhf-orra-ag28 (PM) 4 2
WallyGT06 (PM) 3 4
WalterDenis2014 (PM) 6 4
willfeasey (PM) 2 3
Wimvandierendonck (PM) 5 4
xanderb (PM) 6 1
YaroslavMelnick (PM) 4 3
Zeiky (PM) 3 1

MapRaid Guidance

Before you edit

Right-hand Traffic (RHT)

In countries like the USA, France, and Germany, the following terms are commonly used to describe the rule of the road for these countries:

  • Right-hand traffic (RHT) - Traffic position
  • Keep to the right - Traffic position
  • Drive on the right - Traffic position
  • Left-hand drive (LHD) - Driver position

Turkey is a Right-Hand-Traffic (RHT) country. Read the section on this.

Also note: In WME, various settings must be adjusted in the left-hand editing panel before you edit.


1. The settings tab is the gear icon on the right.


2. Enable these preferences. Unlike in the USA, all segments must be created as two-way, although the direction can be edited as needed once it's on the map.


3. Check to make sure that the units are set to Metric, you are in World environment, and the correct language is selected.

Improve major connectivity

needs to be corrected

We need to check the routes that connect the neighborhoods. Many times, highways are interrupted by lower level streets, and Waze cannot calculate a long distance route. Like the example in the picture: because the roundabout is of road type Street, Waze will NOT use it in long distance routing. It should be corrected to road type MH. Moreover, this should not be a roundabout, like many roundabouts in Turkey.

Major Roads of Batman

You can check routes on the live map. Helpful is the information on road categories in the Turkish wiki page. The government provides an overview of the major roads for Batman, Click on the picture for a larger image.

Correcting base map

In many places, the base map needs to be corrected. Some segments were created from lines on the map that are other features and are not roads at all. You can read more about it in the paragraph on the Turkish wiki page.

Add missing roads

Please read the simple quick-start guide for a guideline on adding new roads. More information can be found on the Turkish wiki page. If you notice any roads on the satellite layer that have not been added to the WME map, please first confirm that they exist before adding them. Make sure the road is complete, drivable and is connected to the rest of the road network. Please use the government references in the tools section for confirmation — these are the most important connecting roads to add. Some other clues you can use to confirm smaller roads are:

  • GPS layer showing Wazers are driving on the road.
  • Street View and Satellite View on the road, showing it is in use
  • Information from local drivers who have been there (this can be you if you have been there).

NOTE: If the road is classified as mH or higher and is wide enough for median segments at intersections to be >5m, you need to create two one-way segments. You can unset the checkbox for "Draw new roads as two-way" to help with this.

If an existing road is classified as mH or higher, it should be divided as long as it is wide enough. Median segments at intersections should be >5m. To divide an existing road, create two one-way segments from each 2-way segment (preserving the traffic data in both directions). If you are not familiar with the technique for preserving traffic data in both directions, please work with an editor who is.

Solve URs and MPs

When responding to URs, you have few choices. You can use Google Translate, ask in our MapRaid Discord channel, or use the following responses we have prepared for handling URs here.

Update Request Lifecycle

Turkey has adopted a 1/4/7 day schedule when responding to Update Requests.


Our goal is to respond to new URs within 24 hours. If the solution is obvious, fix the issue, leave a comment, and close out the report as "Solved". Otherwise, if there's ANY ambiguity to the problem, leave a comment asking for further clarification. This comment starts the UR response clock as Day 1.


If the reporter hasn't responded within 4 days of the initial comment, leave a reminder comment that additional information is required to resolve the report and it will be closed soon if there is no response. If the reporter replies with the required information, the issue is resolved, and the report is closed as appropriate. If further clarification is still required, the response clock starts over on Day 1 as the editor awaits new information.


If the reporter has not responded after 7 days from the initial editor comment, leave a comment letting the reporter know the UR is being closed, and save the report as "Not Identified". If you find a UR which is older than 7 days which has not been touched by another editor but requires additional information to resolve, apologize for the late response and ask if the reporter still remembers the problem and can clarify. This starts the UR response clock as Day 1.

Correcting road names

Batman has 6 districts. As the address administration changed in 2014, many roads are wrongly named. We are currently in contact with the municipality for the use of a GIS source. At least we need the districts added to the road name to be able to have unique addresses. This will be done in the city field as described on the Turkish wiki page.

Unfortunately, we cannot use the overlay to define the borders of the districts. Click on the picture above to see a larger version from the source.

We need to write a warning too, because road naming is very complex in Turkey: Do not copy, do not delete existing road names. Only update road names if you have verified them and are absolutely sure! We are currently writing a help file for this.

Districts of Batman


Batman Street Names

When you edit road names, make sure also to use the correct abbreviations and Turkish letters.

We use the Turkish national standards for abbreviations of the roads, according to TDK. Most used abbreviations for WME are:

Sokak Sok
Cadde Cad
Kavsak Kvş
Mahalle Mah
Bulvar Blv
Yolu Yolu
Çevreyolu Çvy

Speed Limits

NOTE: Adding Speed Limits is NOT a goal of this MapRaid. You may update speed limits ONLY after you verify them with Street View within Waze Map Editor, and only if the SV images are recent.

All Speed Limits in Turkey are in km/h (kph). The table only shows the default Speed Limit Rules, please extensively use the street view images to verify the speed limits.

Road Type Speed in km/h (kph)
Freeway 120
Rural road, double lane 110
Rural road, single two-way lane 90
Urban road 50


For all edits, please read the Turkish wiki page for the specific guidance editing in Turkey!

Road Classification

Road Type Turkish Name Description Road Sign
 Freeway  Otoyol Otoyollar (O-XX) | Uluslararasi Yollar (E-XX)

Motorway | International Road

TC Road Shield O.png Road shield International E.png
 Major Highway  Devlet Yolu Devlet Yollari / State Roads (D-XXX) TC Road Shield D.PNG
 Minor Highway  İl Yolu Ïl Yollari / Provincial Road (XX-XX) TurkeyProvinceRoadShield.png
 Primary Street  Ana Cadde Major Thoroughfares in Districts and Towns
 Street  Sokak All local streets
 Ramp  Baglanti Yolu / Kavşak Exit Number Sign ('K.XX - Kavşak) TurkeyRampSign.png

Locking Standard

We suggest you lock the roads near the end of MapRaid to ensure that junior editors can make the appropriate changes without overwhelming senior editors with unlock requests.

Mapraid Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type Default locks
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  Highest rank of connected segment
 Major Highway  5
 Minor Highway  4
 Primary Street  3
 Street  1(Auto)
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   6

Road Type Zoom Levels
(credit to Dsfargeg)

Unsurfaced Roads

Use the "Unpaved" checkbox

DO NOT use the road type "Offroad / 4x4". Use the most appropriate road type for routing.

Do NOT use the unpaved checkbox for road types Primary Street and up. Only use the unpaved checkbox for segments of type "Street". Here is an example of a major highway which is not surfaced, but is not marked unpaved. This is to allow good routing.

Only add streets which motorized vehicles can use. Do not add roads which are not passable, not wide enough, etc.

Mass edits and quality

In Base Map areas, mass edits are allowed, as long as they are constructive to the map. Be aware that we will monitor edits, so avoid unnecessary edits and hunting for points. Quality counts, not quantity. Sanctions are strict, being banned from this and future MapRaids. In addition, Waze throttles your edits and points when scripts are used excessively, meaning that you don't earn points for mass editing.

If you are using a tool or script, you are fully responsible for its use and its consequences. Please make sure that you understand the features of the script you are using. You will be held accountable for any side effects.

  1. If you are unsure about something, please ask.
  2. Check and triple check.
  3. We have great leaders here who can help you.
  4. Let's make sure we do it right the first time, and set a great example for the rest of the world.

Turkish Letters

There are some letters in the Turkish alphabet that might not be on your keyboard. You can copy and paste them from here


Tools for this MapRaid

Editing Resources

Only use sources that are allowed by Waze.

Allowed sources:

NOT allowed sources:

  • Information from other maps
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View

Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this mapraid. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!

Basic reference links

Specific tools for this MapRaid

  • Use this overlay for WME to view the boundaries of Batman Region via an extra layer. Keep in mind that the border is very rough and cannot be used to define the city limit.
  • To use the overlay, you must first have TamperMonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) installed.

Highly recommended scripts

These tools are all scripts that will help you make better use of the information available to you in WME. For this mapraid, the following are highly recommended. You are responsible for learning what they do and using them appropriately.

WME Magic

  • Tampermonkey plugin that will help you spot basemap problems more quickly. Ask group leaders for best basemap settings.

WME PL Cleaner

  • An extension that removes the layer settings and insert the "missing" / in URLs
    • Install for Chrome (Chrome Webstore)
    • Install for Firefox (direct download link)

WME Toolbox

  • Helps you spot 2-segment loops, segments with undefined direction, and "soft nodes" with unconfirmed turns, and has other tools available for higher-ranked editors. Some tools are not working following recent WME changes.

Junction Angle Info

Street View Availability

Please remember that you are responsible for edits made through the use of scripts. Always understand what the script does before using it! There is a wiki page and a forum with more information.

How To

40px-Mbox warning yellow.png

Warning: A technical difficulty in WME is currently causing problems creating junctions in a couple of situations. When you try to junction a new, unsaved segment to a previously-saved segment, it may not save correctly. After you save, check that the two segments are junctioned by looking for arrows. To correct the problem, pull the end of one segment away, drop it, then pull it back to the junction point and drop it to create a junction. Save and check again. The script WME Magic can help you spot these errors on the map.

Introduction to Basemap Editing

Basemap Editing Slideshow