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The following guidelines should be generally followed when mapping driveways in the Waze editor. Any deviations from these guidelines should be discussed in the forums.

These initial guidelines are considered rules that would not likely be overturned.

  1. Map driveways that serve multiple distinct addresses or properties.
  2. Do NOT map driveways less than 50 meters long.
  3. Do NOT map driveways that serve a single address or property unless covered below.
  4. Mapped driveways should be set as Private Road type.

These additional guidelines are considered more as recommendations by the community. Again deviations from these recommendations should be first reviewed in the forums.

  1. Map driveways over 50 meters if:
    1. Waze might confuse being on that driveway for being on an adjacent street or vice-a-verse.
    2. It has its own city assigned street name and at least one address is assigned to that name, regardless of length. However, note that driveway may actually be a street so mark accordingly.
  2. If a driveway has no name in reality, it should not be named. Names are for roads that have a visible sign that drivers can see in order to know where to turn (excluding when a sign is knocked down of course). Parking lots with names entering the lot are not part of this recommendation and would be covered under Parking Lot Roads.
  3. Map driveways if the address coordinates are likely to route to an adjacent road that is inaccessible to the address.
  4. Do NOT map driveways just because they appear on other mapping services.
  5. Do NOT delete a driveway that you think does not meet the standards without trying to contact the creator of the segment first.
  6. Do NOT map a driveway just because there is no recommendation not to map it without coming to the forums to discuss your unique situation so we can get consensus.