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Download waze

In order to download waze, make sure you have an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) on your mobile.

Download waze to your Cellphone

  1. Go to via your phone's internal web browser or search for waze in the Android Market: (If you download from, you can skip to step 3)
  2. Search for Waze
    1 2 search waze.png
  1. Select waze from the search results
1 3 search result.png
  1. Tap Install to start the download
1 4 install.png
  1. Tap OK to confirm the Notifications:
    1 5 confirmations.png
  1. After couple of seconds you'll see the next screen, tap waze: Community GPS to see downloading progress.
    1 6 start downloading.png
  2. Download progress:
    1 7 download progress.png
Note: If you want to cancel the downloading, just tap Cancel download

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Installing Waze

The installation will start after downloading is finished.

  1. Installation Progress:
  2. After the installation ends, tap Open in order to start the installation use or Uninstall to remove waze from your device.
    2.2-open or uninstall.png

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Getting started

Waze splash screen:

3 1 splash screen.png

Initialization and first time running

3 2 first time running.png

  1. Initializing:
  2. If GPS or AGPS are off on your mobile settings you'll get the next message:
    3 4 no gps connection.png

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Select your location

  1. After the initialization you'll be required to select your location (If the GPS and AGPS are turned off):
    3 5 choose a server.png
  2. Language files will be downloaded according to the selection :
    3 6 downloading language1.png

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Terms of use

After that Terms of use will be presented:

3 7 terms of use.png

In order to proceed you need to confirm that you understand and accept those terms of use. Click the Accept button to continue to use waze, or the Decline button to exit the program.
If you have accepted the terms of use, you will next get a form to create your account.

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Select your language

  1. Select your language:
    3 8 language.png
  1. After choosing the language the Login screen will be displayed:
3 9 welcome.png

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Sign up

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Create an account

1. If you're a new user at waze, tap New user.

1.1 Fill out the details below in order to create your account:
3 9 1 1create account.png

You'll be asked to provide a username and password, an email address, and optionally to choose a waze nickname, which is used to identify you on the map and in reports you send, should you choose to be identified.

  • Select the username you'd like. The username is case dependent so Jenny is not the same as jenny.
  • After you have proceeded to fill in all the form, waze will display the filled-in form (your password will be displayed as five stars no matter how long it actually is).
  • If the information is the way you want it, select Create in order to create your account. If not, select the line you want to change.

1.2 Tap Next to confirm and to enter as a registered user or Skip if you don't want to register at this moment.
Note that if you select “skip”, a temporary account will be created for you If you skip the registration.
You will not be able to access waze's web site and points you get during driving will not be saved!

3 9 12 temporary account.png

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Existing user

  1. If you already have a waze account, tap Get Started.
  2. Enter your Username and Password and tap Log in.

3 9 2 1 Login.png

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You can also enter your twitter account details. Your routes and / or road reports will be tweeted automatically from your account according to your settings.

3 9 3-twitter details.png

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Way to go!

1. Way to go! Congratulation you have a new WAZE account.

3 10 way to go.png

2. Read or skip the information about waze:

3 11 wazeinanutshell.png

3. Welcome to waze's main screen:

3 12 mainscreen.png

4. 2D (2D and 3D should appear in the settings part)

3 13 2d.png

5. 3D- Depth dimension will be added to the map in this mode.

3 14 3d.png

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Screen and Main menu

Position from right to left Description Name Icon Other Modes
Top of the screen
#1 Denotes the level of the GPS reception GPS Reception 4 101 good gps.png 4 102 weak gps.png 4 103 no gps.png
#2 Denotes whether the phone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Cellular Network Internet Connection 4.111-internet ok.png 4.112-no internet.png
#3 Mood icons. You can choose from a variety of options. Mood 4.121-baby waze.png
#4 View all the groups that you are following. Groups 4.130-groups.png
#5 View all the events that have been reported by your groups, that have been reported on your route or that have been reported near to you. Live info 4.140-live info.png
#6 Some details about the application, including the version number. About 4.150-about.png
Bottom of the screen (Main menu)
#1 Tap here to drive to an address, to a favorite address and history drives. Drive 4.160-drive.png
#2 Configure or change waze's settings. Settings 4.161-Settings.png
#3 View groups or scoreboard. More 4.162-More.png
Second row
#1 Shows you on center of the map. Me on map 4.163-Me on map.png
#2 Tapping here will close waze. Exit 4.164-exit.png
#3 Tapping here will alow to report about different things during the driving. Report 4.165-report.png
Center of the Screen- Half transparent and will disappear after 5 seconds
#1 Zooms out the map Zoom out 4.170-zoom out.png row 3, cell 5
#2 row 3, cell 2 Zoom in 4.171-zoom in.png row 3, cell 5
#3 row 3, cell 2 Align North 4.172-align north.png row 3, cell 5
#4 row 3, cell 2 Update map 4.173-update map.png row 3, cell 5

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Detailed Operating

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Top Screen icons

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GPS reception and Internet connection

Tapping 4 101 good gps.png or 4 111 internet ok.png icons will show the next screen:

4 2 1 1 gps reception.png
It describes GPS reception and Internet connection.

4 101 good gps.png Means you have good connectivity and your location is known.
4 102 weak gps.png Means a low-power connection, until it improves only your rough location is known.
4 103 no gps.png Means your GPS connection is bad or non-existent, and your location is unknown. To improve it, try to give your phone a clear line of sight to the sky and wait a few minutes.

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Select your mood

Tapping 4 121 baby waze.png allows to change your mood:

4 2 1 2 mood selection.png

Mood happy.png - you’re happy – other wazers will see your avatar on the map as Waze happy.png
Mood sad.png - you’re sad – and your avatar Waze sad.png
Mood tired.png - you’re tired – and your avatar Waze tired.png
Mood mad.png - you’re mad – and your avatar Waze mad.png
Mood bored.png - you’re bored – and your avatar Waze bored.png
Mood starving.png - you’re starving – and your avatar Waze starving.png

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Tapping 4.130-groups.png will allow to view your groups:

Tap Around me to view groups' report in your area: around me.png

Tap On route to view groups' reports on current route: on route.png

Tap My Groups to return to Groups screen and tap OK to view your grroups: groups.png

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Live info

Tapping 4.140-live info.png will show all Live info. This is an exclamation point together with a small number representing the number of events that have been reported in your area. As long as you have Internet connectivity this number is constantly updated. To view details of these reports, tap the Events button at the bottom of the screen.
If you've stopped, the reports will also be displayed in rotation on the main screen, on your map. info.png

Simply by driving around with waze running on their smartphones, drivers share real-time information that waze translates into road and traffic conditions. You can also actively report to the community on traffic, accidents and incidents, speed cameras, police traps, blocked roads and more. These are called "events". This information about events is collected and analyzed in real time to provide all wazers with the optimal route to their destination at any given moment.

The Events button displays a menu, organized by type of event, of the real-time live reports by wazers about problems in your area:

  • All -All.png gives you a list of all events reported in your area, listed by distance
  • Police -Police.png displays only reports of police cars/traps , listed by distance
  • Traffic -Loads.png displays only reports of traffic loads in your area (light / moderate / heavy / standstill) listed by distance
  • Accidents -Accident.png displays only reports of accidents in your area.
  • Chit Chats -Chit chat.png displays the chat and allow to add a comment:
  • Other -Other.png any reports of events that aren't in one of the above 3 categories.

From the list of displayed events, you can:

  • Tap on the event to display its location on the map together with the full text of the report. To add your own comment to the report of this event (where allowed): tap on the Comment button that appears under the text of the report. You'll get a virtual keyboard: type in your comment and press Done. Your comment will also be sent directly to the wazer who reported the event originally. If he or she replies, you'll get a message on your screen: "responding to you" with his or her reply. menu.png

  • Tap the arrow beside an event to bring up a menu of possible actions:
    • Show on map (the same option as touching the report of the event rather than the arrow beside it)
    • Report irrelevant – if you're in that location and the event reported no longer exists there
    • Add comment – brings up the virtual keyboard; type in your comment and then press Done.
    • Sort by recency - if you would rather see results by chronological order (latest first).

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Tapping the 4.150-about.png icon will show you a little details about your current waze version: waze.png

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Bottom Screen Icons

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Drive to

Drive to- Search or choose an address to drive to.

Snap20110403 140527.png Snap20110403 140535.png

  • Search address or place- You may enter the name of a road, an address, a place name or keywords. Waze is smart and will show you a list of matches in order based on the closest and importance of the place. If there are few matches, a Google Local Search will be used. So you can search for "toy shop" or "gas station" and Waze will let you select from the closest matches. You don’t have to enter a city but if your destination is not in your current city, you might want to enter a city as well. If Waze does not know the house numbers on your destination road, or you don't enter a house number, Waze will choose the middle of the road.

Search results:

4 2 2 1 2-new address.png

After getting the results you can select one of the folowing:

Drive Select as your destination. After selecting this option, Waze will suggest you an optimal route to your destination, considering different factors like Traffic jams and hazards.
Show on map Centers the map display on the location
Add to favorites You have the choice of entering a name for the favorite. If you select Done this location will be added to the end of your My favorites list.

My Favorites- This is a list of saved locations that you chose to add to favorites. You can select any location here as your destination. This list is sorted based on how recently and frequently you selected the favorite as a destination. Your home or work place can be added from "Home" and "Work" shortcut, in order to get an easy and fast access.

Recent Searches- A list of recent locations you selected after using search address or place or selecting a destination using the location menu. The most recent search is at the top. Note: Destinations chosen from my favorites or saved locations are not included in the Recent Searches list.

Saved Locations- A list of locations saved using the location Menu. You can select any location here as your destination. The most recently saved location is at the top of the list of Saved locations.

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Settings: allow you to view and personalize your waze experience.

  • Navigation guidance (on/off)- whether you want voice instruction in addition to the map display when following a route.
  • Display – to display the map in either 2D (default) or 3D.
  • Light – whether the screen lighting should be adjusted for day or night viewing. By default, the display will automatically switch to night mode when it gets dark. You can choose to keep this option manual by setting "automatic night mode" to Off from the General settings menu.

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Snap20110310 102456.png
  • Language - allow you to change the language of the system.
  • Prompts - allows you to change the language of the navigation instructions.
  • Measurement system – you can choose to display distances in miles or in kilometers.
  • Back light on – by selecting "on", the backlight will remain on as long as waze is running.
  • Auto zoom - by default it's "According to speed", so the map will zoom in and out, while navigating, depending on your speed. You can also select "According to distance", so the map will zoom in and out depending on the distance to your next decision point (e.g. place where you have to turn). You can disable this feature by selecting "No".
Snap20110310 102533.png
  • Show points ticker - Whether to display the points ticker
  • 24 hour clock – allows you to choose between 24/12 hour clock.

Auto learn routes to your frequent destination -

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Profile: Displays your account details
  • User name
  • Password- five stars representing your password (no matter how long your password is).
  • Nickname

Note: To change your username and password, first go to the site, log in, and make the changes, and only then update it on your phone.

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This menu displays a screen headed "Display my location on mobile and web" . Waze always respects your privacy, and your location will never be shared against your will. This is where you define the degree of privacy you'd like:

  • Anonymous: your location is shown but not your identity (neither username nor nickname): you appear as an "anonymous user". This is the default. The top Status bar shows this by displaying your avatar in blue with a question mark on it.
  • Nickname: other wazers will see your location on the map, and your avatar will display your current mood (as described regarding the Status bar avatar, above). If you've chosen this option, your status bar displays a green avatar.

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Twitter (settings)

Twitter lets you choose whether to tweet your waze reports to your twitter followers; if you choose to do so, enter your Twitter username and password. Your current mood will be included in the tweet. You can disable and re-enable tweeting at any time without affecting your Twitter credentials.

Additionally, you can configure which reports to publish on your Twitter account:

  • My road reports.
  • My destination and ETA.
  • City & state only.
  • House #, Street, City, State.

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Additionally, you can configure which reports to publish on your Facebook account:

  • My road reports.
  • My destination and ETA.
  • City & state only.
  • House #, Street, City, State.
  • My road Munching.

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Lets you set up your foursquare account to use with waze, and set tweets about your foursquare activity.

What is Foursquare? It's a cool way to discover and promote cool places in your city and be rewarded for doing so. You can check foursquare and check in to locations around you using waze. First thing you'll need is to create an account on foursquare - this can be done on Then, make sure you are logged in to waze (with your waze user name) and go to settings >> profile. Under 'Foursquare' enter your foursquare user name and password. Hit back or enter (depending on phone) and wait for the message confirming that you were able to connect to your foursquare account. Note that sometimes it takes a few times before it is able to connect. Once connected, you can use waze and at any given point - when you position is known (GPS icon is green) - you can check in to locations on foursquare. Go to "report" - where you would usually report traffic jams, accidents, etc. - the last option is to check in with foursquare. Choosing this option will bring up a list of all the foursquare locations around you. Click on one to check in to it. Then visit to see the full details of this check in.

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Car: represents your car on the map you see

You can choose from a large number of cars of different types and colors.

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Map color scheme color scheme.png

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Tapping Pop-up reports will show the next screen: reports.png

Tapping wazers group icons: group icons.png

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Route preference: Here you can select between fastest or shortest way: perference.png

Dirt roads: Here you can choose whether you want waze to navigate you through dirt roads or not: roads.png

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Data Usage usage.png

Tapping Refresh map of my area will delete tiles (sections of the map) in the area, and download it again from the server.

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This function help you to recommend Waze to a friend. You must input his phone number

seems not working in FR : cf. post

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Help/Support support.png

Send logs logs.png


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Scoreboard scoreboard.png scoreboard.png

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Groups groups.png groups.png

Create Group group.png

Add icon icon.png

Add Group name and Description name and description.png

Close the message: created message.png

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Me on map

Me on map – simply centers your car on the screen. on map.png

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Exits the application.

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Note: All the option will be displayed only if there are GPS reception and Internet Connection.

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Snap20110310 101835.png

Select whether the location is on your lane or the reverse direction. You can add a description, take a picture and record a voice message (by selecting the red button).

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Traffic jam
Snap20110310 102007.png

Select whether the traffic jam is moderate, heavy or standstill. Also Select whether the location is on your lane or the reverse direction. You can add a description, take a picture and record a voice message (by selecting the red button).

Back to Report

Snap20110310 102042.png

Select whether the accident is minor or major. Also Select whether the location is on your lane or the reverse direction. You can add a description, take a picture and record a voice message (by selecting the red button).

Back to Report

Snap20110310 102130.png

Select whether this is a road hazard, shoulder or weather hazard. Also Select whether the location is on your lane or the reverse direction. You can add a description, take a picture and record a voice message (by selecting the red button).

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Speed cam
Snap20110310 102158.png

Select whether this is a speed cam, a red light cam or fake. Also select whether it's on your lane or the other direction.

Note: The speed cam will be added to the location where you clicked "Send".

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Chit chat
Snap20110310 110625.png

Select whether the location is on your lane or the reverse direction. You can also take a picture and record a voice message (by selecting the red button).

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Update map map.png

  • Record new roads new roads.png

  • To cancel recording of new roads tap recording.pngand choose recording.png
  • Stopping the recording will show the next screen: Road Recording Off.png

  • Update house number
  • Report map problem map problem.png map problem.png

check-in with Foursquare in with Foursquare.png

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Middle Screen Icons

  • Zoom In/Out

4.171-zoom in.png 4.170-zoom out.png

  • Align North

4.172-align north.png

  • Update map

4.173-update map.png

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