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Working with URs

Arizona has adopted a 72hr/5 day standard when dealing with User Requests.

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Our goal is to respond to new URs within 72 hours.

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Fix the issue (if within our control), or solicit additional needed information from the reporter, and

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Resolve URs that have no response to comment in 5 days, or are completed. NEVER close a UR without leaving a closing comment, even if it's something as simple as "No info received, closing."

When responding to URs, please remember the wise words of the scholar, brevity is the soul of wit.

More than likely, the user is going to be reading your response in the Waze App, so try and keep it as short as possible, while still conveying the information, or request desired.

Before working with URs, you should review the Wiki documentation on URs and especially the section on etiquette.

Getting your attention

Live Users

If you're editing in Arizona, we ask that you turn on the LIVE USERS layer in the editor. If you see another editor show up where you are editing, and move around you, please check WME Chat. Also, check and see if you have a Private Message (PM) in the Forum.

There may be an issue with the area you're editing in, or what you are doing.

Never Be Unreachable!