Banks of servers History

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Waze uses at least three different banks of servers geo-located for best performance globally for all computing operations.


All maps for each region listed in the table below are separate. Anything reported or created on one of these servers will not be visible on the others. Note that you do have a login automatically created on the different servers, so you can mistakenly log into the wrong server and not realize it until you look for your points, groups or prior map changes.

You may find map changes in one server for an area covered by another. This might make you think you are on the right server, but that area is not kept in sync with the primary server. At this time, that area is not used by the client app and serves no purpose - so do not bother making any changes to it.

Changing server location

Live Map

When panning around the Live Map, the system automatically switches to the server infrastructure for the area you are viewing. There is no user setting to change the server environment.

Waze Map Editor

The Waze Map Editor does not switch automatically. There are two methods to change the selected server in WME.

1. Select the Server Environment drop down menu in the upper left and select North America Only Note: This menu is not visible in full-screen mode, so if your editor toolbar is all the way at the top of the screen, use Shift+F to get out of full-screen mode.

2. Go to the settings tab and switch the Environment to North America Only.

The WME Permalink also contains a switch for the current server infrastructure onscreen. The current Permalink URL values are:

Area of World URL Value
USA & Canada &env=usa
Rest of the World &env=row
Israel &env=il

For example, the URL for Johannesburg, South Africa is:

NOTE: The servers in Israel are being migrated to the World servers, and will eventually be taken down.

Client Application

If the client application jumps to the wrong server by mistake (it has happened to a few people in the past), you might not be able to see your points. If you take your mobile phone or smart device from the US to Europe or vice-versa, you may need to force the client to switch to an alternate server.

In both of the above cases, start the Waze application on the client and try to login with your local account. If this fails:

  • Login with a temporary account (by clicking skip button from the Sign Up menu)
  • Go to Navigate from the main menu and from the search for address bar, enter one of the following character sequences to move to the server for your area
Area of World Search for
USA & Canada ##@usa
Rest of the World ##@other
Israel ##@il
  • Restart the application and enter your original login information