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This section is intended to offer guidance to editors on areas of particular need of attention to the Waze map in Connecticut and to communicate the statewide projects. Key editing priorities include:

  1. Respond to Update Requests (URs). URs are submitted by Wazers through the app as they drive, and often are the best clue as to problems with the map. Editors are encouraged to try to solve these issues, and should feel free to reach out to senior editors for help. Be sure to read the USA standard for Update Requests (URs) outlined Update Requests in Waze Map Editor and the expanded guidelines for UR lifecycle management in CT UR Resolution Policy.
  2. Review of new or updated Place Points (PP) or Residential Place Points (RPP). As Wazers submit new/updated information on places, editors need to review and approve these submissions before they are added to the map. We get a lot of good input, but some need correction and additional information to be fully functional and assist with navigation. Editors are encouraged to review the wiki section on Place Moderation and tackle some of the many open PP and RPP in Connecticut. WMEPH is a useful tool.
  3. Connecticut-Specific To Do List. The Waze Connecticut editor team keeps an active list of projects and the associated tasks which need to be addressed across the state by editors. The intention is to provide a centralized resource for all editors to access to help ensure our valuable time is used as effectively as possible. This list is updated and prioritized by senior editors and Area Managers - please contact any of us with any questions or recommendations.

Waze Connecticut Priority List

The Waze Connecticut "To Do List" items are reviewed and prioritized by determining the number of end users benefited by a task and how they impact the successful use of the app, and generally fall under 4 categories:

  • Waze new feature rollouts
  • Update Request Follow-ups
  • Map Error Followups
  • Statewide Projects