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We strongly encourage the use of WME Place Harmonization (WMEPH) to standardize place names and maximize completion of places in Idaho.

Do not inappropriately use external sources to complete places! Use the place's official website or personal observations at the location to complete fields.

Locking Standard

Incomplete Places

A place may be incomplete if it's lacking any of these essential components:

  1. Name
  2. Address (minimum of closest street, city, and state; full street address preferred)
  3. Website (where available)
  4. Phone number (where available)
  5. Services (when applicable)
  6. Hours (where available)

Normally, places lacking any of the above will not be locked. However, situations may occur where locking an incomplete place is appropriate*. Please do not lock incomplete places higher than Rank 2 without an Idaho State Manager or higher approval. The goal is to encourage all editors to be empowered to complete places.

*NOTE: When a place is locked at 1, Waze app users (even those that do not edit) are able to make edits without moderation once becoming Trusted Users. You are permitted to lock places at 2 if you have set place data that needs to be protected from changes by these users.

Completed Places

Once Completed (e.g. green in WMEPH, or blue when all available fields are entered accurately), places shall be locked to a minimum of Rank 3. These categories of places shall be locked to a minimum of Rank 4 unless an Idaho State Manager or higher makes exceptions:

  • Airports
  • Colleges, Schools, and Universities
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Military

Current Exceptions

Schools in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls are allowed to be Rank 3 to be managed by @MatthewStarbuck.

Mapping Water

If water meets the below criteria, it is eligible to be mapped:

  1. Lakes, streams, rivers, and the like which are not already in the built-in Waze water layer (or are mapped inadequately), and
  2. At least one of the following:
    1. The water would be helpful to navigation (e.g. to orient drivers)
    2. The water represents named locations that Wazers are likely to search
      • In this scenario, please be sure the stop point is set appropriately.

If water is eligible to be mapped, please lock the "place" to Rank 2 after you have completed mapping it.

Water not meeting the criteria may be deleted without notice. This may include, but is not limited to: golf course water obstacles or unnamed canals, private ponds, private swimming pools, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the guidance itself, please raise them on the Mapping Water in Idaho forum thread.

If you mapped water that was deleted and you disagree with that decision, please send a PM to your area and/or state managers. Do not raise those issues on the forum.