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Forest Service Roads

When editing Forest Service Roads be sure to read the Waze wiki page first in order to follow naming convention. Listed below are references that are a good starting point

Dirt Roads 4x4

Montana follows the following functional classification for Gravel and Dirt Road /4x4 trails.

 Gravel Roads 
Functional Classification
Minor Arterial  Minor Highway 
Minor Collector  Primary Street 
Local/Not Mapped  Street 

 Off-road / Not maintained 
Functional Classification
Minor Arterial  Off-road / Not maintained 
Minor Collector  Off-road / Not maintained 
Local/Not Mapped  Off-road / Not maintained 

Images demonstrated above can not cover all scenarios for mapping maintenance level to Waze road type. These types of roads may undergo variation in quality over seasons additionally depending on the climate (rain/snow). Particularly, some gravel roads may have qualities that are closer to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail than street. Editors with local experience or potential Street View images may help in this determination.

Driveways / Private Roads

Please follow the following guidelines for Private Driveways. Wiki standard can be found here. Driveways

Mapping rural diveways

  • 50 to 399m (164 to 1309ft): If an address/location cannot be reasonably guided to without a private driveway, as might be the case with the residence being closer to an adjacent street, it can be added.
  • 400m (1312ft) or more: Map it. Do not delete existing driveways already meeting this criterion.

Discussion can be found in the Montana section of the forums.