Navigation instructions for unnamed segments History

When a user is routed through an unnamed segment, Waze will automatically use the name of the next named segment on the route (a.k.a. road name inheritance). This is useful for getting instructions for ramps and turn lanes. However, this can be confusing if there are several unnamed road segments (other than Parking Lot Roads or Private Roads), without road names. The user would get several turn left/right commands to the same road prior to reaching the first named road.

Be sure to understand how unnamed segments operate during navigation before adding names to unnamed segments already on the map.

Conditions for application

When Waze gives navigation instructions to "turn", "exit", or "keep" onto an unnamed segment, it will look ahead on the recommended route for a road name that it can use. If there is a named segment further along the recommended route, it will use (inherit) that name in the instruction.

The inherited name is only used in the displayed and spoken instruction prompts, it does not affect the actual name of the segment. Unnamed segments are often used to control instructions on feeder ramps and at grade connectors (AGCs). Please be sure to understand all the ways in which unnamed segments can affect navigation instructions before adding names to unnamed segments or removing them from named segments.

This always works for  Freeways  and  Ramps .

This never works for  Parking Lot Roads  or  Private Roads , As of October 2018

On all other road types (any road type which is not a Freeway, Ramp, Parking Lot Road, or Private Road), this feature only works if:

  1. The combined length of the consecutive unnamed segments is shorter than 400 meters (1,312 feet),
  2. There are 3 or fewer unnamed segments in a row.

To explain the above conditions from other perspectives:

  1. If the consecutive unnamed  Local Street ,  Primary Street ,  Minor Highway , or  Major Highway  segments measured together are longer than 400 m (1,312 ft), or if there are 4 or more unnamed segments in a row, Waze will not show or speak a name in the instructions.
  2. Names are never inherited through unnamed  Parking Lot Road  or  Private Road  segments.

Side effects

  • Roads which really don't have a name may give confusing instructions if they meet the conditions for road name inheritance. These roads may need to be mapped carefully in WME to avoid Waze giving confusing instructions to drivers to turn onto them using a name from further along their route. Some of the examples provided show this behavior. Discuss these cases with senior editors when they arise, to decide the best way to map them.
  • Road name inheritance can be very useful for roads which do have the same name, specifically for freeway and highway ramp names. However, in some cases this can cause issues and create a false best continuation instruction. Always be cautious and test the map setup to ensure it produces the expected results.


Exit ramp

Inheritance exit ramp.PNG
If a freeway exit ramp leads to a fork in the road, you can leave the name off of the exit ramp. Only name the segments which go to a specific destination. Waze will use the name of the next named segment after the unnamed exit ramp. This is only useful if the sign for the exit is the same as the sign for the next named segment.

Connecting street between the lanes of a divided highway

If routing from segment A (US-202 N) over the unnamed segment, Waze will use (inherit) the name of the next segment B in the instruction: "Go left to Beta Blvd" If routing from segment C (US-202 S) over the unnamed segment, Waze will use (inherit) the name of the next segment D in the instruction "Go left to Delaney Dr".

See also

  • Best continuation - Covers details on how unnamed segments affect whether an instruction prompt will be given.
  • Wayfinder - Covers details on how to change what instruction prompt will be given at a fork.