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Forest Service Road Numbers

Explanation of Forest Service road types & signs
Low-standard route signs

While Oregon follows the national guidance for Forest Service roads, the guidance for road numbers does not cover the Forest Service's numbering convention used in Oregon. Forest Service roads in Oregon are all assigned a 7-digit number that can be found in the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). To avoid unnecessarily long names for general use, Forest Service road signs and many map products use an abbreviated version of the MVUM number which also aligns with Waze's needs. As stated in the national guidance, roads with signed or popular names should have those set as the primary name with the Forest Service road number as an alternate. Road numbers should be assigned as follows:

Primary Routes: Use the first two digits of the MVUM number.

Example: Breitenbush Rd / FS-46 (MVUM #: 4600000)

Secondary Routes: Use the first four digits of the MVUM number.

Example: FS-4697 (MVUM #: 4697000)

Low-Standard Routes: Use the last 3 digits of the MVUM number (including any leading zeros).

Example: FS-350 (MVUM #: 4697350)

NOTE: A road with the MVUM # 1800000 may be a primary route (FS-18) or a secondary route (FS-1800). This distinction can not generally be determined from the MVUM alone.

Mapping Resources

Currently, the most useful reference map known for Waze editing in National Forests is the Forest Service Topographical (FSTopo) Map Service. This map is believed to provide the most up-to-date road types and road condition assessments among the many products provided by the Forest Service, including the MVUM.