Railroad crossing Discussion History

Currently, Railroad crossings require rank 4 or higher to create them. Any rank can edit them when locked at their level or below

Railroad crossing.png

Waze supports alerts for railroad crossings which are mapped with the Railroad crossing(RRC) feature.

When to Add

A RRC should be added to every segment that intersects a functional railroad line at grade AND has a gate, sign, or other control device. Because each RRC works on only one segment, this means that RRCs must also be placed on AGCs that cross the railroad independently of the relevant main road.

Exempt crossings

This section needs discussion before adding


“Placement” refers to the location of the railroad crossing icon in the X–Y plane (i.e., latitude and longitude, i.e., where it is on the map).

Important: the location of the railroad crossing in the app is set by the RRC icon itself. The red dot is only a handle used for alignment. Therefore, make all functional decisions based on the RRC icon, not on the red dot.

Relative to the road

  • On one-way segments (including the sides of a divided road), the RRC icon should be placed more or less on top of the segment which actually crosses the railroad.
  • On two-way segments, the RRC icons should be offset slightly from the segment, on top of their respective lanes of traffic.
  • Make sure that the segment closest to the RRC icon is the one that actually crosses the railroad. It is important in densely mapped areas to zoom in judiciously!

Relative to the railroad

  • The icon should be made to touch the railroad “where the rubber meets the rail”—i.e., when the driver first hits the tracks with their wheels—at a tight zoom level (around zoom 20).
    • This is pretty straightforward at simple perpendicular crossings, but is important to consider when railroads cross roads at oblique angles.
RRC rubber1.jpg
RRC rubber2.jpg


“Alignment” refers to the rotation of the RRC icon.

  • Align the road part of the RRC icon with the road segment that intersects the railroad. Again, it is the road part of the RRC icon that must be parallel with the road segment.
  • The railroad tracks part of the RRC icon should be pointed toward the front, relative to the direction of travel. If the RRC icon represents a car driving across the railroad, the railroad tracks represent the front of that car.
  • Use the red handle to rotate the RRC icon.
RRC yes.jpg
RRC no.jpg

Lock setting

These are the regional lock standards:

App behavior

The app gives an alert 1/2 mile before the railroad crossing. If you're on a planned route, the alert is given 1/2 mile up your route. If you're free Wazing, the alert is given 1/2 mile up the road you are currently on, even if you're turning onto a different road before then.