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by EduardoCarvajal (PM [Help])  Profile L2.png; based on the script by aeytom (PM [Help])  Profile L2.png

Street created, selected and named
River created and helper street deleted

The script is designed as a helper for creating river landmarks for the free Waze navigation system. The script transforms the geometry of a new unsaved street to a river landmark. You can predefine the width and the name for the new landmark in the form of a special street name.

Mini how-to:

To add a new river:

  • Install this script and go to WME.
  • Draw a new street but do not save the street.
  • Add and apply a street name to define the rivers name and width. This step is optional.
Example: 20m Spree creates a 20 meters wide river named Spree
  • Select the helper street.
  • Click the Street to river button.
  • Delete the helper street.
  • Edit the new landmark as you like. You can even set the landmark to another type. Here it is used to mark a railroad, using landmark type 'other'.

To expand an existing river:

  • Draw a new Street that starts inside an existing river, but do not save the Street.
  • Make sure that you see on map the beginning of the Street (the intersection point of the street and the river)
  • Select the helper Street.
  • Click the "Street to river" button.
  • Delete the helper Street.
  • Edit the new landmark as you like.

Examples of rivers created by the script are Sixaola River and Telire River.

Multilingual interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Hungarian and Czech.


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