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WME Chat addon window

This script changes the chat GUI to add more functionality to the chat window:

WME Addon settings.png
  • Removes duplicate messages (hide only, this is not a fix for WME bug)
  • Adds TTS functionality for incoming messages in any language supported by Google
    • Find the language code in the Google Translate URL in between /#en/ , the letters in the place of en are the language code
    • Customize the prefix text for messages and links in settings
  • Make links clickable, and opens in new tab
  • Transforms permalinks into clickable target without reloading WME.
  • Hover over the link to see how elements v(segments, nodes, venues) are included in the permalink.
  • Small "+" and permalink icon next to the input message area to insert current permalink
WME addon names.png
  • Bell or Zzz icon next to each user in the users list to insert the "bip" in the message (insert a text containing the username, customisable in settings)
    • Bell icon changes to reflect recent activity status (movement on map, or chat message post). Activity within the past 5 minutes = Green -> Red gradual change, after 20 minutes = Zzz.
  • Top bar is made light grey when invisible
  • You can use smileys: :) :D ;) :( :o :? 8-) :x :P :|
  • “Settings button (gear)” on top bar, near minimize button on right side includes options to:
  • Remove messages of users not in the room
  • Post a system message when a user joins or leaves the room
  • Sort user list by user name, rank, and/or activity (username for secondary sort)
  • Force room connection when editing near country boundaries
  • Messages are manipulated to:
    • Make live usernames clickable to send “bip”
    • Show a target link next to the username in a message to jump to their location
    • Show rank of user next to username
    • Show date and time or only time of post (available in settings), in small font size, grey, and right aligned
    • Play sound on new message (mutable in settings)
    • New messages posted by you have a light blue background (adjustable in settings "My message background color")
WME Chat addon full alert.png
WME Chat addon minimized alert.png
  • Alerts:
    • Chat top panel (if open) or chat button (if closed) change color to dark red (color adjustable in settings) if someone type a message containing any of your keywords (case insensitive).
    • Keywords are set in settings, the default is your username but you can add others separated by a comma “,”. (See tool tip text in settings)
    • Alert keywords in message are highlighted
    • Alert color returns back to original color when you send a message, close chat window, or click on highlighted keyword
    • Play sound on alert (mutable in settings)
  • Compatible with WME Chat jumper: so each "jump" with WME Chat addon is reversible using WME Chat jumper.


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