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Junction Node Fixer has several features. The primary focus of JNF is that it overloads the 'q' (disallowAllTurns) keyboard shortcut to preserve existing turn restrictions. 'Overloading' means that it takes over all functionality of the 'q' hotkey only. The 'q' keyboard shortcut performs the following actions

  • Fixes any self and reverse connectivity issues
  • Fixes closed loop roads (by splitting into two segments with a joining junction)
  • Terminates dead-ends with a junction
  • Makes dead-ends two-way (only if both ends of the segment are visible)
  • Sets the Type of a roundabouts using lowest of two highest rule and sets country/state if needed
  • For UK sets Type of roundabouts using highest type excluding Freeway rule.
  • Does a traditional 'qw' (clears reverse connectivity, and locks turns)
  • Causes the turn arrows to refresh (the side effect of 's' but without the shifting).

Since you end up with the same turns restricted, that means you need to press 'w' if you really want all turns allowed. This is why it overloads 'q' instead of 'w'. Ultimately this will be a separate hotkey that's editable through WME's '?' interface.

JNF also:

  • Saves the state of WME's ShowAllTurns, ShowTurns, and Full-screen mode across Refresh/F5/Permalink.
  • Forces data model reload after successful save.

This has been tested only in Chrome; it has been reported to work in Firefox with GreaseMonkey.


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