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Waze Version 3 User Manual

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[[Image:Waze3Logo2.jpg{{Notice|320px| center]]  <div styleMsgID="text-align: center;">[[Waze Installation]] <br/>[[Connect to Waze]] <br/>[[How to Navigate]] <br/>[[How to Report]] <br/>[[Manage Favorites]] <br/>[[Gas Stations]] <br/>[[Waze symbols]] <br/>[[Voice Commands]] <br/>[[How do I see my friends on the way]] <br/>[[View my Facebook friends on Waze]] <br/>[[Facebook Privacy]] <br/>[[Check in with Facebook]] <br/>[[Pick Up]] <br/>[[Share your drive]] <br/>[[Nearing destination]] <br/>[[Invisible]] <br/>[[Private message (Waze app)|Private message]] <br/>[[Share destination / Current location]] <br/>[[Tips and Tricks]] <br/></div> [[Category:Version 3]]ManualOnHC}}
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