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[ ply8808 Forum Profile] [[File:Badge CountryManager.png]]
== Personal ==
*An Arizona based editor / Native of Virginia / Traveled around the world in the military.*US Army 8 years/ Primary Post Ft Bragg, NC*Mechanical Engineering background*Tool & Die Maker / Injection Mold Maker*Licensed Commercial General Contractor*Project Director*Harley Davidson owner x 3*Was found mapping Jeep trails in AZ and asked to join the community, to stop the Jeep trail rampage I am sure ;)
== Community Roles ==
*Global Champ*RC assignment for the Northwest Region*Assisting RC duties in the Mid-Atlantic Region*Local Champ - USA*State Manager of - Arizona
*Formal Mentor
[ Formal Mentoring Registration]
== Editing Roles ==
*Country Manager of - USA.
*Mapraid Group Leader
== Projects ==
*FC - Arizona
*Mapraid - Los Angeles
*Mapraid - Houston
*Mapraid - Ottawa, Canada
*Mapraid - Dallas
*Mapraid - MMR #1
*Mapraid - Florida
*Mapraid - NYC