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=== Any questions? ===
Please read the entire NJ MapRaid wiki. If you are still uncertain what to do about something you see on the map, please ask your group leader Thank You for your help with the map.
=== Road Types ===
Please do not change the types of roads without getting appropriate guidance:
* Freeways
* Ramps
* Major Highways
* Minor Highways
* Primary Streets
Some changes to road types could mess up continuity and distort routing. See the section below on road names, types, and FC for more information
===Mapraid UR Rules===
We will follow the [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor#The_resolution_process_.2F_Etiquette|usual US UR etiquette]] with one exception: During the Map raid, the wait time is reduced to 4 3 days.
Some Do not close URs are meant to stay open for a while. Please contact if the editor working on them before closing. Some examples are:* The UR contains a tag such as [NOTE], [CLOSURE], or any other [xxx]. Unless -- it is a [CLOSURE] that has already passed. The [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#UR_Overview_Plus_.28URO.2B.29|URO+ extension]] makes it easy to spot these** Very old [CLOSUREMESSAGE] URs might be ripe for closure -- check carefully.* The UR contains a request from the editor not to close it.* There is clearly communication going on between the reporter and one or more editors.
=== Please Do Not Mass-Edit ===
Do not DO NOT perform edits that affect large numbers of segments at once. Specifically, avoid the Select Entire Street button completely. Doing so makes it difficult to tell who fixed what parts of the map to solve different URs. While we recognize that sometimes a solution might involve fixing a road name over an entire section of road or dividing/undividing it, for example, we ask that you defer these updates toward the end of the raid. === Level 5,6 Locks === Level 5 and 6 locks usually indicate that an unorthodox treatment to the map for those segments was necessary. They are also used for Freeway segments that we believe are accurate and up-to-date with the best information available at the current time. Please check with local editors before making any changes to these segments. Consider use WME Color Highlights or WME Toolbox extensions to highlight L5- and L6-locked segments. === Micro-Doglegs === We utilize these extensively many micro doglegs throughout the state to engineer turn- vs. stay/keep/exit instructions based on the driving experience approaching many junctions, regardless of the angle any road might depart at. Be sure You need to zoom in really very close at each junction where there might be a question about its geometry or routing to check for a see these micro-doglegdoglegs.
==Local Guidance==
* State: '''SR-35 S''', '''SR-72'''
* County: '''CR-537''', '''CR-4'''
When a segment has more than one name and/or more than one route designation, name it in a way that will be most useful to the wazer listening to navigational instructions. This means using the name that appears on the most frequently encountered signs. If the name on the signs changes very frequently, keep it consistant consistent by using the most consistantlyconsistently-used name. If both the name and the route designation consistantly consistently appear on the same sign, use the name.All other names/route designations should be entered as alternate names. You can read more about this in [[Road_Naming_(USA)#Concurrent_names|Concurrent names on US roads]].
For more information on correct names and road types, please [[#Mapping_Resources|see Mapping resources below.]]
These are the minimum lock level guidelines. Higher level locks can be used in exceptional circumstances. Before locking a road, be sure its information is complete and up to date, including house numbers, if available. If the road should be locked above your editing level, be sure to request an appropriate lock. For more information, please see [[New_Jersey#Major_roads|New Jersey Major Roads]].
=== Construction ===
There are various road projects constantly going on all over New Jersey. Many long-term projects on bigger roads can be found on the state website [ 511-NJ]. These projects are typically submitted as road closures for their expected duration and marked with the tagged URs containing [CLOSURE] or [CONSTRUCTION] tags.
Other projects involve short term closures on more local roads - in the order of hours or days - and without concrete schedule, so we cannot manage those in WME. For such claims, we simply remind the reporter of the Closure reporting functionality of the Waze app.
=== Cities and Towns ===
Please do not change any city names during this raid. If fixing a city name is necessary to solve a UR, please ask.
We are aware that city names on many segements are incorrect. A complex hierarchy of "city". Municipal, Census-designated places, and postal names is used and misused. We are working with Waze on a better solution than the one currently available, and as a result, we ask that you do not change any city names during this raid.
=== Places ===
Please read more about [[New_Jersey#Jughandles|New Jersey's unique jughandle system]].
=== Toll Roads ===
On New Jersey's toll roads, only segments where tolls are actually collected should be checked as toll roads. This is especially important on the state's partially-tolled roads, like the Garden State Pkwy or Atlantic City Expy, where it is actually and legitimately possible to travel between certain interchanges in certain directions toll-free.
Roads do not get divided for dedicated electronic (EZ-Pass in New Jersey) toll lanes, unless necessary for some other navigational interest. This is because Waze has no way of telling whether you have an EZ-Pass transponder, and we certainly don't want Waze telling drivers without a transponder to use such toll lanes because traffic is slightly faster there; it is both prohibited and fines can be assessed using automated technology.
High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes are not utilized anywhere in New Jersey.
=== Cameras ===
'''Please remove all cameras. This is a top priority for this raid. A pilot program recently ended for red light cameras at select intersections throughout the state, as authorized by the state. Current law requires all red light cameras to be turned off and signage indicating their presence to be removed.  Mobile units / signs that measure and display speed are not speed cameras and should not be added to the waze map. Further information about cameras in New Jersey can be found [[New_Jersey#Cameras|here]]''' No mercy.
=== Alleys ===
 The Parking Lot road type is used for alleys in New Jersey. In general, alleys are only added to the map if they are named or if any destinations must be reached from the alley rather than from the main road. If an alley is added make sure any Waze places are closest to the street where Waze should put the stop point. If an address is on a main street, but the correct stop point is on the alley, do not use a HN -- it can only be used for a stop point on the street to which it belongs. Use a residential place point instead. Watch out for Google address and place pins that might be too close to the wrong segment. Further information about alleys Info can be found [[New_Jersey#Alleys|here]].
===Rest area===
There are a fair number of rest areas in New Jersey. All rest areas should follow the same naming guideline:
* Rest Area - I-77 mile 45 Beckley Travel Plaza