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At-grade connectors

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Signed, numbered exit
=== Signed, numbered exit ===
'''Example:''' Garden State Parkway Exit 10 in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, USA.  The Garden State Parkway is mostly a freeway class toll-road that runs north/south through New Jersey. As the Parkway approaches its southern terminus, the number of lanes is reduced, and at-grade intersections with signed, numbered exits become a mix of are interspersed with controlled junctions using grade-separated ramps and at-grade intersections.  In order to receive produce an [[Junction_Style_Guide#Controlling_Turn_Instructions|instruction for to Exit Right]] for the at-grade intersections, rather than Keep Right or Turn Right, this connector needs to be segments of a road type other than Freeway or Highwaymust be used. Ramp type is preferred ideal for this application because its it does not display road names are not rendered in the app, and . Segments for numbered exit segments exits are named to produce correct specific visual and TTS instructions, not according rather than by standard rules for at-grade connectors, and it would be inappropriate to actual road display their nameson the map.