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{{Template:UpdateToStateTemplateUSA/CommonState}}== Counties == Note: the links are GIS resources unless otherwise indicated<div style="column!-count:3; -moz-column-count:3; -webkit-column-count:3">'''A''' *[http://gis.adamscountyDo not edit this page Adams]*---- Do not edit the [ Antelope]*[http:/USA/ ArthurCommonState'''B''' *[ Banner]template without consensus from the other*[http://blaine---- state and country Blaine]*[ Boone]----*[http://boxbutte---- To modify the content of this page, go to the discussion Box Butte]Go to the section*Boyd (no site)*---- called [ Brown]*[ BuffaloEditing custom sections]*Burt (no site)*[ Butler'''C''' *[http://cassand use the links Cass]If you do not *[ Cedar]---- see that section, then go to the main page, scroll to the bottom, and press*[http://chase.gisworkshop---- the link that creates that section, and then use Chase]*[ Cherry]----*[ Cheyenne]---- This page is copied to new pages with only the following code placed on the*[http---- page and then saved:// Clay]*Colfax (no site)*Cuming (no site)*Custer (no site) '''D'''---- *[http{{subst:// Dakota]*[http:USA/CommonState/ Dawes]Start}}*[ Dawson]*[ Deuel]*[ Dixon]*[ Dodge]*[ Douglas]*Dundy (no site) '''F''' *[ Fillmore]*[ Franklin]*[ Frontier]*Furnas (no site) '''G''' *[ Gage]*[ Garden]*[ Garfield]*[ Gosper]*[ Grant]*[ Greeley] '''H''' *Hall (no site)*[ Hamilton]*[ Harlan]*[ Hayes]*[ Hitchcock]*[ Holt]*[ Hooker]*[ Howard] '''J''' *Jefferson (no site)*[ Johnson] '''K''' *[ Kearney]*[ Keith]*[ Keya Paha]*[ Kimball]*[ Knox] '''L''' *[ Lancaster]*[ Lincoln]*[ Logan]*Loup (no site) '''M''' *[ Madison]*McPherson (no site)*Merrick (no site)*Morrill (no site) '''N''' *[ Nance]*[ Nemaha]*[ Nuckolls] '''O''' *[ Otoe] '''P''' *[ Pawnee]*[ Perkins]*[ Phelps]*[ Pierce]*[ Platte]*[ Polk] '''R''' *[ Red Willow]*[ Richardson]*[ Rock] '''S''' *[ Saline]*[ Sarpy]*[ Saunders]*[ Scotts Bluff]*[ Seward]*[ Sheridan]*[ Sherman]*[ Sioux]*[ Stanton] '''T''' *[ Thayer]*[ Thomas]*[ Thurston] '''V''' *[ Valley] '''W''' *[ Washington]*Wayne (no site)*[ Webster]*Wheeler (no site) '''Y''' *[ York]</div> == Functional Classification (Road Types) == See [[Road names/USA]] and [[Road types/USA]] *[ Functional Classification: Counties]--*[ copy and paste this code below into the browser.htm Functional Classification: Cities within Counties] == Road Closures / Construction == Please add all related information Change the STATENAME at the end of the line to the following Waze Wiki page:*[[Nebraska/Construction]] == Speed / Red Light Cameras == By name of the state law, Nebraska does not have either speed or red light camerasterritory being created. Please do not report any Use the name as spelled in the client! The cameras located at some intersections are for surveillance purposes only and do not serve to issue tickets. == Forums == *[http[Template:// United States section of the Waze ForumUSA_Navbox]]*[http---- US Plains section of the Waze Forum]*[https:submit&summary=Create%20new%20state&preload=USA/CommonState/ Nebraska section of the Waze Forum]STATENAME-->