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A "Contractor/Delivery Gate" is one where specialty traffic is routed, primarily on military bases; however, a commercial campus may have an equivalent "delivery entrance" or "construction vehicle entrance" controlled by guards. These gates exist primarily because special inspections or approval must occur for those going to these gates. If this traffic were to be processed at normal gates, the activity would block and delay higher-volume resident/visitor traffic. Standard residents and visitors are usually rejected or turned around at these access points and not allowed to enter or exit at these locations.
Note that those using a Contractor/Delivery Gate may themselves be residents or visitors. They must use this gate for a spacial special purpose.
[[file:PI_contractor_gate1.jpg |center | frame | Contractor and Delivery gates usually have less traffic, have wider openings, larger parking areas and other features that differentiate them from BASIC or STANDARD gates. They are almost never used by residents and regular visitors. These are used mostly for deliveries and large construction vehicles.]]