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Functional Classification of Roads in Mississippi
IE., if it is classified as a Collector = Primary Street, Principal Arterial = Major Highway, etc...
When transitioning from urban to rural classification, keep the '''HIGHER''' of the two classifications try to make the next transition at an intersection with a of another road classified higher than as a primary street within the next 1or greater, in lieu of a city limit. Example: miles89. If it is greater than a short distance, keep the classification until the intersection with the next street96852&lat=32.62558&layers=3045&zoom=2
IEMS-43 would normally be classified as a Major Highway to the Canton city limit, which is one segment beyond Finney Rd.Likewise, if MS-16 would be a roads classification is MH in an urban area, but drops to Major Highway about a mH mile short of Sharon Rd. It has little effect on routing but helps improve the rural map, and the road has an intersection/interchange with another road appearance of PS or greater just outside the urban map, continue to the urban classification to that intersection.
=== Mississippi Road Segment Locking Guidance ===