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Reversible lanes
If the hours are adjacent to each other, meaning that there is no buffer time between the two travel direction of the lanes, then we will have to add a buffer time into to Waze for safety. In that case expand the restriction to start 15 minutes earlier so there is at least a 15 minute window when there travel is restricted in both directions between the open periods.
<span style="color:red">Some jurisdictions have adopted the position that any vehicle which has legally entered one of these lanes may proceed to their intended exit regardless of when the lane officially closes. For these lanes, the restrictions must be placed on each of the entrace ramps leaving the lane itself and the exit ramps unrestricted. To do otherwise, results in drivers being instructed to exit the lane for no obvious reason (Well, the usually assume that it was for traffic avoidance then get rather irate when they find out otherwise). </span>
===Example configurations===