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<br>Contract those restrictions with the following<br>
===<span style="color:red">Part-time tolls or HOV/HOT lanes</span>===
One of the interesting problems encountered when a single lane is used as both a HOV (restricted by vehicle types and times) lane and as a HOT (part-time toll) lane is that the toll status is an attribute of the road. It can't be enabled, or disable, at arbitrary times. Even if that were to work, enabling toll on a segment meant to be used by HOV traffic would cause routing issues for HOV-2 vehicle with toll avoidance enabled. What is necessary is to split the road for a short distance so that one of the parallel roads can be restricted per the HOV rules while the other road is restricted per the toll rules.
To avoid keep left/right instructions when the driver reaches the "split" road, the segments must overlap from each direction.
==Pointers for a complete solution==