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Detour Prevention Mechanisms

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:A {{u|"detour"}} is defined as a series of segments in middle of a route which do not contain the same name as segments on either side of them in the same route.
'''NOTE:''' The continuation path we wish Waze to use must not also meet the below criteria, or it will be equally penalized, cancelling the BDP effect.
#The highway / freeway segments both before and after the detour need to have the same (primary, alternate, or any combination of both) street name, which is not present on the detour segments. ''{{As of|2015|June}} city names do not affect this algorithm. While they used to in the past, the algorithm has been updated.''
#*The detour segments must {{u|not}} have any name which appears on both the segments before and after the detour.
#The detour is not the same 'road type group' as the continuation path. Road type groups are listed in the chart below.