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Anything tricky about this map editing stuff?
Just because you have a nice map like this, Where the directions are correct and where there is a nice junction at each intersection, don't think that everything is copacetic. What you see is not always what you get.
Roads may seem to be 'open' but Waze may think they are not drivable. Huh?! Yep, just because one road touches another road and has a junction, waze may not think you can make a turn. How do you tell? There are two tools that help a lot. First, You have to click [[Cartouche - Update map#Restricted turns layers| Restricted Turns]] in the Layers panel. Then some red turn restriction arrows may appear. See that we have a restricted turn as James avenue crosses Lagoon. [[Image:Road Restrictions.jpg]] But wait, there is more. The second tool, [[Cartouche - Update map#Highlight Connectivity:| Highlight Connectivity]] shows which roads are actually connected to each other. Again, placing a junction does not insure all the roads really connect.
By checking the [[Cartouche - Update map#Highlight Connectivity:| Highlight Connectivity]] box in the View panel, you see the true picture. See what happend to our view of James and Lagoon. As you travel south on James, Waze understands you can take a right turn to go west on Lagoon - Green Highlight, Waze also understands that you can take a right turn from Lagoon onto James going north or you can go northward on James across Lagoon - orange lines. But, Waze does not think you can drive south on James across Lagoon.