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{{Mbox|text=These guidelines have been updated <span color='red'>{{as of|October 2014July 2015}} </span> to prepare for the upcoming HOV features. The old method was to map these lanes as Parking Lot Roads. This new method below should be used when mapping new lanes. There is no rush to redo existing lanes to make them compliant; do so only if you are working on them anyway, or are doing a general refresh in the area.}}
As an interim measure, these lanes should be added to the map as separate roads, with the road type set the same as the non-HOV lanes. However '''only''' the entrance ramps to these lanes should be set with the appropriate [[Partial restrictions|partial segment restrictions]]. The actual lanes themselves should not have any restrictions set on them, except for [[#Reversible lanes|reversible lanes]], or other restrictions which are in effect at all times on [[#Multi-use lanes|multi-use lanes]] as discussed below. This means that if you are not currently in one of these lanes the routing will avoid it, but if you choose to get into the lane, the routing will work correctly. Being that only the entrance to the lane is restricted, once you are already in the lane there will be no penalty for staying there, and you will be routed the fastest and most appropriate way to your destination. The caveat will be for multi-use lanes which will have restrictions set to force everyone who does not meet the lanes use criteria (at this time that will be everyone, since the client and routing server can only handle routes for private vehicles) out of the lanes before the enforcement period begins.