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Keep each restriction simple
===<span style="color:red">Keep each restriction simple</span>===
It appears that the transportation departments regulating HOV/HOT lanes Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) regulations tend to describe them in terms of when they are available rather than the restrictions that WME uses. When inverting these descriptions the TxDOT regulations to restrictions approach the task one restriction at a time. If the lane is closed on weekends, that's a restriction. If it is closed to certain classes of vehicles then that's another restriction. Try to avoid having restrictions that specify multiple attributes of days, times, and vehicle types as they'll be very hard for the next editor to verify. Instead, try to use restrictions that are constrained by only one attribute (days, times, or types).
For example, given an HOV lane that is open from 0500 to 1100 on weekdays to HOV-2 and Motorcycles. The restrictions can be described like this: