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==WME Toolbox==
WME Toolbox is a browser extension originally written by {{Username|OyyoDams}} that adds functionality to [[Waze Map Editor]]. Since September 2014 it is maintained by a developer team around {{Username|doctorkb}}.
[[File:Toolbox_captureIt supports the Chrome and Firefox browsers.jpg|thumb|right|250px]] <!-- ## optional put an image link here, or remove this line -->====Update WME Toolbox====
WME Toolbox will alert you each time a new version is ready[[File:Toolbox_capture.jpg|thumb|right|250px]]
====WME Toolbox extension for Chrome==== WME Toolbox can be found and installed via the Chrome web store. Once installed, it will likely automatically update as needed, or it may alert you when a new version is ready. If you've enabled auto update of your extensions in your Chrome browser, Toolbox should be automatically updated when a new version is ready. However, you can force extension update. Please refer to your browser manualfor more information.
In case of error with update system, just remove WME Toolbox and install it again.
====WME Toolbox Add-On for Firefox====
As was originally explained in [ this forum post], the add-on for Firefox is published as an unlisted extension.
WARNING: Although you may find WME Toolbox available via [](, that add-on is not expected to work as intended, at this time.
Instead, please download the latest available [ wmetoolbox.xpi] (from it's repository) and manually install it to your Firefox through the [Add-ons Manager](about:addons) via (Ctrl-Shift-A).
====WME Toolbox features====
{{Throttle warn}}
Since release 1.6.0 (June 2015), the permissions to use the individual tools can be set per country. The active permissions of the current release are listed in a [ GoogleDoc].
* [[File:Toolbox_Auto_Hide_Sidebar.png|20px]] Function to hide the left sidebar
* [[File:Toolbox_Enable_Highlights.png|20px]] Toggle for Toolbox highlights
:* Highlight of loops
:* Highlight of roundabouts which may cause issues
:* Highlight unconfirmed turns
:* Highlight of U-Turns
:* Highlight of reverse connections
Toolbox is available for:
* [ Chrome]
* [http Firefox]* [ Safari] (coming soon)