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Provide specific comments on each restriction
===<span style="color:red">Provide specific comments on each restriction</span>===
HOV lanes will usually be locked at a high rank to prevent accidental damage to the map. As a result, lower ranked editors are unable to examine the restrictions. For lower ranked editors to assist with resolving HOV-related User Reports those editors must install [[Scripts#URO_Overview_Plus|URO+]] as . URO+ adds a dialog that appears when the editor mouses over a restricted segment. This dialog which includes the optional comment of each restristion.
With URO+, and specific comments, any editor can see something like<br>
[[File:DetailedCommentsOnRestrictions.jpg]]<br>Rather than something likeWhich is sufficient information for them to determine whether the restrictions played a part in the user's report.<br>[[File:SparseCommentsOnRestrictions.jpg]]
===<span style="color:red">Part-time tolls or HOV/HOT lanes</span>===