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New York/Area Managers/Main

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{{AM/Editor|orbitc|6|Entire State of NY, also DE, NJ, PA. CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT|Region 9 Northeast & 8 New England|badge1=RC|badge2=mr|badge3=GC|badge4=MGC}}
{{AM/Editor|PesachZ|6|Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, also active in some parts of NJ|NY|badge1=mr|badge2=lc|badge3=mlc|badge4=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|Qwaletee|5|Metro NY|NY, NJ|badge1=m|badge2=SM|badge3=mrbadger=cmmr}}
{{AM/State}}<!-- Defines the start of the state manager section -->
{{AM/Editor|Fredo-p|5|Staten Island|AZ|badge1=SM}}