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* [ Ohio Counties Overlay] (requires Greasemonkey/TamperMonkey)
* [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Color_Highlights_.28WMECH.29 | WME Color Highlights]] (WMECH) - colors segments as indicated by user selections
* [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Junction_Angle_info | Junction Angle Info]] (JAI) -- shows you the number of degrees between segments, crucial for ensuring correct turn guidance
* [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Toolbox | WME Toolbox]] (WMETB or TB) - allows users to do more repetitive edit tasks with the click of a button
* And last, but not least, to keep our work with Places consistent as reasonable, especially with chain-stores, here is the "Waze Chain Place Harmonization" spreadsheet to guide us in handling chain-store Places:
[// View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]
== Results ==