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== Workshop Schedule Details ==
Workshops will be much shorter than last raid, about 30 minutes. Following the overview, we'll have mentors available to do optional hour-long breakout sessions for hands-on experience and/or answering questions.
We may add more as the day goes on, but here's the current schedule (all times EDT/UTC-0400):
12:00 noon - 1:30pm: Basemap Triage 101 -- when everything in the map is a total mess, this class will cover what should be worked and in what order.
4:30pm - 6:00pm: Functional Classification -- the system by which roads are marked as streets, freeways, and everything in between. This topic was covered in a workshop during last raid, but as it's such a critical topic, we're going to cover it again
(either 9-10:30pm, or 10-11:30pm, time to be determined and announced later): Extensions/scripts overview, installation, and usage -- will introduce the key tools that help editors do our jobs better, as well as cover how to take maximum advantage of the best features from each tool
Hope you all can make it!
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