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Take care when using restrictions spanning midnight
A timed restriction whose stop time is earlier in the day than its start time will begin on one day and continue to the stop time on the next day. If this restriction is then applied to a range of days, for example Monday through Friday, the actual restrictions may not be what was intended. For example, a restriction on 1300 to 0500 Monday through Friday is actually<br>
Viewed this way, its easy to see that starting the restriction on actual restrictions are probably not what the editor expected. Early Monday results in morning (0000 through to 0500 Monday being left ) is unrestricted while that time there is closed an early morning restriction on the other daysweekdays. There's also a restriction on Saturday morning which not be appropriate for that day. The  It is possible to apply this type of restriction needs to be weekdays by setting the range to Sunday through Friday for all weekdays to be if the same. That will then result in unintended restrictions on both to late Sunday and early Saturday which must be taken into considerationare also valid.
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