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Ohio/Training Raids/Summer 2015

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== Workshops ==
The organizers are putting together [[Ohio/Training_Raids/Workshops | workshops]] before the raid to focus on specific issues that participants will need to understand to successfully complete all grading criteria. '''Check out the Workshop Training Schedule [[Ohio/Training_Raids/Workshops | here.]]'''
# Wayfinders
'''PM or GHO [[User:TerryPurdue | TerryPurdue]] , or any Ohio senior editor , for access to these workshops archived in Google HangOuts.'''
== Suggestions ==
The team is ''very'' interested in suggestions of things to consider doing differently in future raids. Feel free to add (not remove!) any ideas/constructive criticism to the [[Ohio/Training%20Raids/SuggestionBox | Suggestion Box]], or PM/direct GHO entries to [[User:TerryPurdue | TerryPurdue]] who will add them for you.