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==== {{@|Allowing median U-turns}} ====
To allow a U-double left/right turn through a mediansegment, ensure that break any one of the [[#Preventing median U-turns|above criteria]] are broken.<br>For example:
* To allow the median U-turn turns in both directions, it is simplest to make break condition #2 by making the median segment longer than 15 metersm (49. ''(Breaking condition #221 ft)''* To selectively allow the a U-turn in from only one direction, it is simplest to adjust the first setup U-turn angles in only prevention as you would for both directions. Then, for the segments of the allowed side where U-turn so they turns are wider than allowed, make the incoming and outgoing segments sufficiently [[#Checking for parallel segments|±5° allowance of exactly non-parallel]]. This is easily achieved without affecting the overall look of the map (Tip: consider using a [[Glossary#mDL|Micro-dogleg]].to discreetly adjust the angle without affecting appearance)
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