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{{Mbox|type=important|text=It is possible for this method to fail to prevent a U-turn when it is the first segment of a route or reroute. If you observe this method to fail when it is implemented properly, please report it in [ this forum thread]}}
[[File:U-turn_Roads.png||350px300px|right]]The Waze routing algorithm assesses a [[Routing penalties#Road_configurations|penalty]] for a double-left or -right turn, which can be used to prevent U-turns at box- (#) and H-style intersections on divided highways and parallel roads.
* To allow median U-turns in both directions, break condition #2 by making the median segment longer than 15 m (49.21 ft)
* To selectively allow a U-turn from only one direction, first setup U-turn prevention as you would for both directions. For the side where U-turns are allowed, make the incoming and outgoing segments sufficiently [[#Checking for parallel segments|non-parallel]]. (Tip: consider using a [[Glossary#mDL|Micro-dogleg]] to discreetly adjust tweak the angle without affecting appearance)
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